United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)



History of Agency in the World and Iran

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) was established in 1966 and became a specialized agency of the United Nations in 1985. As part of the United Nations, UNIDO is responsible for promoting industrial development throughout the developing world, in cooperation with its 171 Member States. Its headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria.
The UNIDO Country Office in I.R. of Iran was established in 1999 to support the Islamic Republic of Iran Government in its industrialization priorities with a view to establishing close ties with various ministries, governmental bodies, civil and research institutes as well as the private sector.

 Priorities Globally and in Iran

UNIDO’s Integrated Program for Iran aims at increasing the share of the non-oil sector of the economy and fostering the sustainable development of competitive industries, creating employment, generating income and thus contributing to the alleviation of social hardship.
The Integrated Programme is oriented around five strategic objectives:
– Institutional capacity-building to foster private sector development and small and medium scale enterprises
– Provision of assistance for the modernization of Iran’s agro-industries;
– Enhancement of the institutional framework for investment promotion;
– Increasing the competitiveness of Iranian industry through modernization and restructuring measures, and
– Improving energy efficiency at national level in selected sectors.
UNIDO’s Integrated Program for Iran includes women & youth entrepreneurship development program, the institutional support for the development of entrepreneurial enterprises, and the development of small and medium scale enterprises, which promote job creation and employment generation, particularly for women and the youth. Support for the reactivation and establishment of micro and small women and youth enterprises in Bam area, for instance, is a project developed by UNIDO aimed at improving gender equality and empowerment of the vulnerable group in Bam.
UNIDO is also in charge of the implementation of a number of environmentally related programs in Iran, including the Montreal Protocol Program, which is designed for reducing the use of ozone depleting substances (financed by the Montreal Protocol Program). Negotiations are being carried out with the Government of Iran to also develop a program on reduction of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), under the Stockholm Convention.
Some of the UNIDO projects implemented in Iran or currently under implementation, are:
– Industrial clustering project;
– Modernization of dates processing and packaging;
– Capacity building and technology management at enterprise level;
– National strategy for energy efficiency and conservation, and
– Montreal Protocol Projects, relevant to the reduction of ozone depleting substances and reduction of methyl bromide, used in agriculture.
It is worth mentioning that one of tools developed by UNIDO is the Cumputer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Reporting (COMFAR). COMFAR III is a valuable aid in analysis of investment projects. COMFAR III packages can be easily orderd in Iran from the UNIDO Office in Tehran[1].

[1]  “ The United Nations in Iran(3rd edition)” Published by the United Nations System in Iran, 2011-P:20-21



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