United Nations Information Centre (UNIC)

 History of Agency in the World and Iran

In 1946 the first UN General Assembly established the Department of Public Information (DPI) and set out the general guidelines for its activities. One of these guidelines called upon DPI to establish “branch offices…in order to ensure that peoples in all parts of the world receive as full information as possible about the United Nations”. Iran, as a founding member of the United Nations, was among the first countries to have a United Nations Information Centre (UNIC),which began its operations within a few months of its establishment in May 1950. However, the Centre’s operations were suspended in 1980. It was revived in 1991.


Priorities Globally and in Iran

UNIC assists in meeting the Secretary-General’s requirements, specially during visits to the country, as well as providing professional, logistical and administrative assistance to UN offices and operations in Iran, depending on their needs and circumstances.
As Chair of the UN Communications Group (UNCG)-Iran and the focal point for UN’s public information activities, UNIC projects a unified approach and image of the UN Country Team in Iran.
UNIC is linked to UN Headquarters by e-mail and receives a daily roundup of news on UN activities at its Headquarters and around the world as well as news on UN agencies’ activities in Iran. Items that are of the most interest to the Iranian people are selected and translated into Persian and dispatched to all the major print and electronic media. UNIC Director also gives interviews on important UN issues. UNIC also organizes press conferences for UN officials.
In order to reach a larger audience, UNIC translates major UN documents, books, brochures and publications into Persian and distributes them free of cost to the media, universities, government organizations, ministries, NGOs etc.
UNIC staff members respond to requests from NGOs and educational institutions on the work of the United Nations. UNIC organizes special events to mark UN observances such as the UN Day, the International Day of Peace and so on. UNIC also assists NGOs when they organize their own activities on issues of concern to the UN or want accreditation with the DPI/NGO section.
UNIC promotes teaching about the UN through direct contact with teachers and students in schools and universities by speaking to them and answering their questions, in organizing Model UN sessions and in making available documents, publications and videos geared to young audiences.
UNIC’s bilingual (Persian and English) website: unic-ir.org, features key UN documents in Persian Language.
UNIC answers all public inquiries on the UN, including requests for UN documents or any relevant information.
A well-stocked library is one of the main features of UNIC. It contains United Nations official documents and books, including on peacekeeping and peace making, human rights, economic and other social developments, disaster relief, environment, election monitoring and other reference materials such as reports, debates and resolutions from the General Assembly and the Security Council. A collection of UN photographs, videos in VHS format, DVDs, posters are also available[1].

[1]  “ The United Nations in Iran(3rd edition)” Published by the United Nations System in Iran, 2011-P:22-23



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