United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan(UNAMA)



History of Agency in the World and Iran

– United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan(UNAMA) is a political mission, directed and supported by the UN’s Department of Peacekeeping Operations.
Its headquarters are in Kabul, with eight regional offices and several sub-offices throughout Afghanistan. In addition, UNAMA has liaison offices in Islamabad, Pakistan, and Tehran, Iran.
– UNAMA’s mandate was established on 28 March 2002 through UNSC resolution 1401. On this day, the Tehran UNSMA (UN Special Mission to Afghanistan) liaison office, which had been established in May 2000, was renamed as the UNAMA liaison office in Iran.
– The mission is directed by a Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Afghanistan who also acts as the Head of UNAMA. As an integrated mission, UNAMA has two main pillars, one dealing with development issues, and the other handling political matters. These are headed by the SRSG’s two deputies.
– The UNAMA office in Tehran was actively involved in preparations towards the Bonn Agreement, the Emergency Loya Jirga, the Constitutional Loya Jirga, and Presidential elections (Out-of-Country Voting). The implementation of the Afghanistan Compact, in particular the subject of regional cooperation, is the office’s current focus.

Priorities Globally and in Iran

– Ensuring regular dialogue with the Islamic Republic of Iran (especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) concerning the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan;
– Acting as a conduit for information between UNAMA HQ and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and

– Serving in an advisory and liaison capacity to the diplomatic community and to UN Agencies in Tehran with Afghan-related programmes[1].

[1]  “ The United Nations in Iran(3rd edition)” Published by the United Nations System in Iran, 2011-P:10-11


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