Iranian Press & Media

Media in Iran:

According to Iran’s constitution, the political parties and groups enjoys the right of freedom of speech and free activity in the light of the country laws and regulations, then right now, there are many active media in Iran’s political sphere.

Article 24 [Freedom of the Press]
Publications and the press have freedom of expression, except when it is detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam or the rights of the public. The details of this exception will be specified by law.

The Islamic republic of Iran Since the very inception of the Islamic revolution as a new view and influential school of thought in the middle east and the world, has gained a huge Media attention throughout the world.  Iran due to her independent views had been subject of a huge media attention. Thus in accordance with domestic requirements and with the purpose of illustration of positions and views, the country has taken long steps toward creating various forms of Medias including audio and visual networks disseminating programs in different languages, News agencies, papers and periodicals. some useful links of Iranian media goes as follows: