Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


History of Agency in the World and Iran

– 1943: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was founded by 44 governments who met in Hot Springs, Virginia, US.
– 1945: The first session of the FAO Conference was held in Quebec City, Canada which established FAO as a specialized UN agency.
– 1951: FAO Headquarters moved from Washington, DC, US to Rome, Italy.
– 1953: Effective December 1, Iran is a member of FAO.
– 1981: The first World Food Day observed on 16 October by more than 150 countries.
– 1992: Effective May, the FAO Representation Office was re-opened in Iran.
– 1996: World Food Summit was held wherein world leaders committed to halving the number of hungry by 2015.
– 1997: FAO launched TeleFood campaign against hunger initiative.
– 2002: “World Food Summit-Five Years Later” was held to review World Food Summit goals and mobilize the political will and resources to banish world hunger.

 Priorities Globally and in Iran

Since 1992, FAO has implemented around 90 projects in Iran. One of the key projects in recent years is “Framework for Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy”. Other notable priority areas are:
– increasing food production to ensure food security and increase income of poor families and small communities (mostly rural);
– through participatory approaches and involvement of farmers, develop environmentally friendly technological packages and best practices in agriculture and their propagation.
– irrigation and water resources management to strengthen government capacity, infrastructure and technical know-how;
– combating desertification;
– capacity development in fisheries and aquaculture, and
– addressing animal production and health issues, including avian influenza.
FAO has also been responding to the emergency needs of the country after earthquakes, floods, droughts, etc. The project “National Strategy and Action Plan on Drought Preparedness, Management and Mitigation in the Agriculture Sector” has been one of the highlights in this area.
FAO in conjunction with its corporate communication campaigns such as the World Food Day and Telefood, plays an important role in raising public awareness of hunger and poverty in mobilizing support for achieving food security.[1].

[1]  “ The United Nations in Iran(3rd edition)” Published by the United Nations System in Iran, 2011-P:6-7



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