Ledeen’s View of Iran Is Mistaken

The Wall Street Journal -(17 April 2013) Regarding “A Third Way to Address the Iranian Threat” by Michael Ledeen (op-ed, April 17): For the past 34 years, ever since the Islamic revolution overthrew a U.S.-backed monarchical dictatorship, Iran’s new representative political system has been consistently vilified in the U.S. media. Mr. Ledeen’s article dismisses many important facts […]

Nuclear Safety in Iran

    New york Times – ( January 15, 2013 )    To the Editor: Re “The Next Chernobyl?,” by Khosrow B. Semnani and Gary M. Sandquist (Op-Ed, nytimes.com, Jan. 3):Iran’s nuclear safety regulations ensure that nuclear facilities are designed in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art technology and without undue risk to the health and safety […]

Response to the Article of Wall Street Journal (29 March 2011)

Dear Editor: In response to the Iran-phobic article, “What if Gadaffi had gone nuclear?” (March 29th): Contrary to the false assertions of the article, Iran’s nuclear program is completely peaceful and various reports of the IAEA confirm that after extensive inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities, there is no evidence of any military diversion.  I repeat that the […]

letter to New York Times on advertising the terrorist group of MEK

Dear Editor; The New York Times has shown poor judgment by accepting advertisement on behalf of a known terrorist organization (Feb. 16 , p. A9  ).The MEK is a dangerous and violent organization that has assassinated several Americans, in addition to thousans of innocent Iranians including dozens of lawmakers. We would furnish the irrefutable evidence […]

Letter to the Editors of New York Times and Washington Post On October 11, 2006

Letter to the Editors of New York Times and Washington Post On the unfounded comparisons made in their articles between Iran’s peaceful nuclear programe and some other countries nuclear activities In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful   The Government of Islamic Republic of Iran strongly rejects any comparison of Iran ‘s nuclear […]