Saudi hackers seize Iran channel’s social media accounts

Press TV -(Sun Apr 12, 2015) Saudi hackers have overtaken the social media accounts of Iran’s Arabic-language news channel, al-Alam, and posted items in support of Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Yemen. Al-Alam Twitter account and its YouTube network were seized on Sunday by hackers affiliated with the Saudi monarchy, the television said on its website. In […]

Iran rules out any negotiations on defense program

Press TV -(Sat Apr 11, 2015) A senior Iranian official has dismissed speculations that Iran would put its missile program up for negotiations in a bid to facilitate a nuclear agreement with global powers. “We will by no means allow any supervision or access with regard to our country’s missiles, ballistic or otherwise, and we won’t even negotiate on them,” Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s […]

Iran, Pakistan discuss Saudi war on Yemen, terrorism

Press TV -(Fri Apr 10, 2015) Iran and Pakistan have exchanged views about the latest regional developments, particularly Saudi Arabia’s ongoing brutal military aggression against Yemen and the threat of the ISIL terrorists to regional countries. “Military attack, bombardment and destruction of the infrastructure cannot be of any help in this country [Yemen],” Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad […]

Military attack no solution to crisis in Yemen: Zarif

Press TV -(Fri Apr 10, 2015) The Iranian foreign minister has urged an immediate stop to the ongoing Saudi military attack on Yemen, saying the crisis in the Arab country cannot be settled through military means. “The past experiences show that the consequences of the military intervention in Yemen will become part of the problems,” Mohammad Javad Zarif said in […]

Iran back to 20% enrichment if P5+1 goes back on word: Nuclear chief

Press TV -(Fri Apr 10, 2015) Tehran can resume enriching uranium to the 20-percent purity level if the P5+1 group reneges on its obligations under a potential final deal over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, says the director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI). “Regarding the 20-percent [enriched] uranium, any time that the opposite side does […]

“All anti-Iran sanctions must be completely lifted on the day of a final nuclear agreement” -(Thu Apr 9, 2015) Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting on Thursday with a group of women, poets and eulogists writing poems in praise of the Household of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), extended his congratulations on the birthday of Hazrat Fatima (the beloved daughter of the Prophet Mohammad) and […]

Iran marks National Nuclear Technolgy Day, unveils nuclear achievements

Press TV -(Thu Apr 9, 2015) Iran has marked National Nuclear Technology Day in a ceremony in the capital, Tehran, where the country’s latest nuclear achievements were also unveiled. Among the domestic accomplishments unveiled on Thursday were three radio-medicines as well as a nuclear fuel assembly for power reactors. Present at the event was Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who, in […]

Rouhani urges regional states to end aggression against Yemen

Press TV -(Thu Apr 9, 2015) Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has warned of the adverse consequences of the ongoing military campaign against Yemen, calling on regional countries to stop aggression and establish a ceasefire in the impoverished country. “A great nation such as Yemenis will not surrender because of bombardment. Do not kill innocent children. Let’s all think […]

Iran protests Saudi allegations on Yemen

  Press TV -(Thu Apr 9, 2015) Iran’s Foreign Ministry has summoned the Saudi chargé d’affaires in Tehran to protest against remarks by a Saudi military official claiming that Tehran has trained fighters of the Houthi Ansarullah movement in Yemen.   A statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said the Saudi diplomat was summoned late […]

Iran envoy urges deadline for global nuclear disarmament

Press TV -(Thu Apr 9, 2015) Iran has criticized the five nuclear weapons states for failing to take concrete measures to eliminate their stockpiles, urging a deadline for nuclear disarmament across the world. Addressing the UN Disarmament Commission on Wednesday, Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN Gholam Hossein Dehqani called on the nuclear powers – the United […]