Iran UN mission elected new chair of UNCPC

Press TV -(Tue Jun 4, 2013) Iran Permanent Mission to the United Nations has been appointed as the new chair of the UN Committee for Program and Coordination (UNCPC). Iran Mission to the UN is, therefore, chairing the 53rd session of the UNCPC, which kicked off on June 3 and will run until June 28 at […]

The Islamic Republic of Iran is appointed as the Chair of the 53rd session of the Committee for Program and Coordination (CPC)

The Committee is a subsidiary organ of both the General Assembly and the ECOSOC which is mandated with important tasks such as reviewing the program framework of the activities of the United Nations and proposing recommendations to the General Assembly as well as monitoring and recommending on plans and  initiatives regarding  the fostering of coordination […]

Iran chairs the negotiations on the “United Nation Headquarters accommodation needs 2014- 2034″

This agenda item of the Fifth Committee deals with the future expansion plan for the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Complex plans and different possibilities for such expansion have been under discussion for a few years. Iran has chaired the discussions since 2011.

Iran negotiates on behalf of the Group 77

Iran is among a few volunteer countries from the members of the Group 77 in the Group’s negotiation teams in the following agenda items: Human Resource Management: 1. This agenda item was deferred from the main session of the Fifth Committee in fall 2012, due to inconclusiveness of the discussion. The item deals with a […]