Understanding realities, political will are what Iran deal needs: Zarif

Press TV -(Sun Jun 28, 2015) “Serious understanding of the realities” is what a nuclear deal between Iran and global powers needs, says Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Zarif made the remarks at the Coburg hotel before leaving Vienna for Tehran late on Sunday. We can reach a conclusion “with political will” and if all sides […]

Iran Review

Iran Review – Interview with Hossein Royvaran  During the past month, high-ranking officials from Iran and Syria have been busy paying mutual visits to Tehran and Damascus. What is the reason for such an increase in diplomatic exchanges between Iran and Syria? How the new Iranian administration has performed with regard to the ongoing crisis in Syria? […]

No Sanctions Work Out Anymore

IR Diplomacy – Abdolreza Ghofrani ( Former Senior Diplomat and International Analyst ) Over the past couple of days unexpected and interesting events occurred in the international arena. The US government decided (or it may well before had determined), after half a century, to reestablish relations with the tiny Island of Cuba, being only ninety […]


History   According to Clifford Edmund Bosworth, “Hamadan is a very old city. It may conceivably, but improbably, be mentioned in cuneiform texts from ca. 1100 BC, the time of Assyrian King Tiglath-pilesar I, but is certainly mentioned by Herodotus (i.98) who says that the king of Media Diokes built the city of Agbatana or […]

Hawks Misread the Nuclear Talk “Extension”

Harvard International Review – Reza Nasri – Only a few hours after the P5+1 (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States plus Germany) and Iran announced their decision to extend the validity of the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) until July, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) issued a statement calling on Congress to “take up […]

Ashton Carter, Iran, Neo-Realism, and “Incident at Sea”

Iran Review – Kaveh L. Afrasiabi* US President Barack Obama’s pick of hawkish Ashton Carter as the next secretary of defense in place of the relatively dovish Chuck Hagel has been widely interpreted as the administration’s intention to increase its reliance on America’s ‘hard-power’ in light of the growing global instabilities and the dawn of a ‘new […]

Time for FATF to revise policies towards Iran

– Hossein Gharibi – New York-based counsellor of the Iranian Mission dealing with legal questions. On Twitter: @gharibi14   – Alireza Ahmadi – New York-based Middle East analyst. On Twitter: @aliahmadi110356   On June 13th the United Nations General Assembly adopted the fourth biennial review resolution of its “2006 Counter-Terrorism Strategy” following weeks of intense negotiations among representatives […]

Iran in touch with all sides in Syria crisis: Diplomat

Press TV -(Mon Apr 7, 2014) Iran is in constant consultation with all parties involved in the Syrian crisis to facilitate the settlement of the country’s crisis, a top Iranian diplomat says. “The Islamic Republic of Iran is in constant contact and consults with the UN and all parties involved in the crisis to help the Syrian […]

Iran’s New Regional Politics

Iran Review  – (WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2013)  Exclusive Interview with Mostafa Dolatyar Advisor and senior research fellow at the Institute for Political and International Studies, Tehran.  By: Kaveh Afrasiabi   President Rouhani has stated that the recent nuclear agreement goes beyond the nuclear issue. Please elaborate. Dolatyar: Taking into consideration the very complex security situation in […]

Geneva Agreement, Only Alternative for Iran and the World Politics

khabar online –(MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2013)   by Hossein Malaek Iran’s former ambassador to China and an analyst of international affairs    Present Conditions When the US Treasury Department added the names of 16 companies and individuals who they claim violated US sanctions on Iran to their long list of sanctioned parties last Tuesday, protests were heard […]