Center for Strategic Research


Center for Strategic Research
A Glance at the Center for Strategic Research and Related Departments

Center for Strategic Research was established in 1989 to compile and draw up Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategies in various fields. The main task of the center is to carry out strategic studies in various international, political, economic, legal, cultural, and social fields.
The center was affiliated to Presidential Office up to 1997, but in that year, it was separated from the Presidential Office in line with ratification of the High Administrative Council and was annexed to the Expediency Council as research arm of the Council. Another mission of the Center for Strategic Research is to study and research those issues which are among duties of the Expediency Council according to law (including drawing up large-scale policies of the system, providing consultation services to the Leader, possible revision of the constitution, presenting solutions for large-scale problems, arbitration with regard to differences between legal entities, etc.). Since the Expediency Council formulates general strategy of the Islamic system, research activities of the Center are mainly of a strategic nature.
Center for Strategic Research sends a large part of its study results to high-ranking officials and publishes a number of them as books. In addition, it publishes Rahbord (Strategy) journal, which is quarterly periodical of the Center for Strategic Research and contains another part of study results of the Center in the form of papers.
National Interests is another quarterly journal, which is published by the Center in English.
The center is headed by Dr. Hassan Rowhani.
Center for Strategic Research has six affiliated departments as follows:

1) Foreign Policy Research Department
This department consists of seven study groups including:
A) Middle East and Persian Gulf research group
B) Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus research group
C) Europe and America research group
D) Asia research group
E) Foreign policy fundamentals research group
F) International political economy research group
G) Strategic research group

Periodical publications of this department include Pazhouhesh (Research), Gozaresh Tahlili (Analytical Report) and Gahnameh (Periodical Bulletin).

2) International Relations Research Department
This department comprises five research groups as follows:
A) Human rights research group
B) Terrorism and national security research group
C) Environmental research group
D) International organizations research group
E) Disarmament research group

Periodical publication of this department is called “Gozaresh Rahbordi” (or Strategic Report).
The last issues of the publication focused on disarmament and human rights.

3) Economic Research Department
This department includes seven research groups as follows:
A) Macroeconomics research group
B) Planning and budget research group
C) Energy economy research group
D) Future studies research group
E) Strategic management and productivity research group
F) Justice and economic welfare research group
G) New technologies research group

The department’s periodical is called “Gozaresh-e Pazhouheshhay-e Eqtesadi” (or Economic Research Report).

4) Cultural Research Department
This department includes four research groups as follows:
A) Social research group
B) Media research group
C) Ethnicities research group
D) Cultural research group

The main publication of this department is “Gozareshat-e Rahbordi” (or Strategic Reports), which is published regularly.

5) Legal Research and Jurisprudential Studies Department
Various groups of this department are being defined.

This department publishes a periodical called “Gozaresh-e Rahbordi” (or Strategic Report).

6) Executive and Information Department

Center for Strategic Research organizes regular roundtables and seminars on important international and foreign policy issues as well as domestic issues to pave the way for exchange of viewpoints between Iranian and foreign academician and experts as well as executive officials. The Center avails of expertise of hundreds of Iranian and foreign specialists as well as high-ranking managers of the country.


Goals : 

The Center aims to:
1- Conducting strategic research into all aspects, such as Technology Science Economy, Socials and Cultural Affairs, Foreign Policy, Security and Political Science, Law and Islamic Jurisprudence.

2- Contributing to assessment and review the current policy and strategic interests of the country, provide necessary recommendations and appropriate approach to policy-makers.

3- Encourage the public debate with regard to major domestic and foreign policy issues.



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