West’s racist approaches regrettable: Iran diplomat

Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht-e Ravanchi

Press TV -(Mon Aug 18, 2014) An Iranian deputy foreign minister describes as “regrettable” the persistence of racist policies in Western countries that claim to be the advocates of human rights.

“Racism is an ominous phenomenon in the world and having to speak about racism in the 21st century is not so pleasant,” Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Europe and Americas Majid Takht-e-Ravanchi said on Monday.
Referring to the United States’ discriminatory practices against the African-American community, Takht-e-Ravanchi said the civil rights of all citizens should be respected and all the people “should equally benefit from the resources and freedoms.”
He said it is unfortunate that cases of racism can still be seen in certain Western countries in this day and age, adding, “It is regrettable that countries, which claim to [defend] human rights are pursuing such [racist] approaches.”
On August 9, a white police officer shot multiple times and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Since then, protests over the fatal shooting have been held in the predominantly African American town every night.
An autopsy carried out on the body of the victim shows that he was shot at least six times from very close range.
According to reports, Brown was shot in the head twice. The other four bullets struck him in the right arm and all six were fired into his front.


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