19 May 2014

 Statement by The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN

At the 18th Session of the High-Level Committee on South-South Cooperation

19 May 2014 , New York

 بسم الله

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

At the beginning, let me also join the others in congratulating you, Mr. President, as well as the other members of the Bureau for your election to lead the Committee;rest assured of the support of my delegation in discharge of your mandates.

Our congratulations also go to Mr. Yiping Zhou, Director of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, for being recently appointed as the Secretary General’s Special Representative on South-South Cooperation.

I would also like to associate myself with the statement made by the Plurinational State of Bolivia, on behalf of the Group of 77 and China and add a few more points in my national capacity.

Mr. President,

Recent reports on the status of South-South cooperation only strengthens the view that South-South cooperation is vital for the achievement of development goals in the developing countries; it is neither a substitute for the North-South cooperation, nor to be considered as ODA; it is the kind of cooperation which should be based on certain principles, including respect for national sovereignty, non-interference in domestic affairs, national ownership, independence, and non-conditionality.And that is why my delegation, along with Group of 77 and China, believes that it requires long-term vision and a global institutional arrangement, with sufficient and stable resources,be it human or financial.

In this regard, my delegation welcomes the point raised that UNDP is committed to the promotion of South-South cooperation, including through its support to the United Nations Office in this regard, whose role has long been highly appreciated by United Nations agencies and Member States, and, the point that it is working with UNOSSC to set up a platform that can facilitate supply-demand matching for South-South cooperation.

We hope that the work of UNDP on a new corporate strategy on South-South and triangular cooperation, as mentioned,would also result in further strengthening of UNOSSC, and make it as a global operational platform for South-South cooperation that is accessible to the wider United Nations system.

My delegation also takes a due note of the Secretary General’s report on “Measures to further strengthen the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation”, which contains a set of actions to enhance its mandate, including a more strategic and focused work programme, strengthened system-wide coordination mechanisms; proposed staffing support from Member States and United Nations entities; and dedicated funding and support for resource mobilization.

Mr. President,

We maintain that the proposed actions are to enable UNOSSC to function independently under the direct authority of the Administer of UNDP, as Chair of the UNDG. Likewise, the Office should be provided with the necessary policy space and programmatic outreach at all intra-organizational, regional and country levels in order to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency in responding to Member States needs and priorities.

Additionally, we welcome other proposed actions which should be accomplished in this regard, including, among others: more regular representation of UNOSSC in strategic and coordination mechanisms of UNDG, establishing a strengthened inter-agency South-Southcooperation coordination mechanism for UNOSSC by the UNDG, enabling UNOSSC to better leverage the broader range of thematic and sectoral expertise of the United Nations system, exploring options for enhancing external funding to the United Nations Fund for South-South Cooperation managed by UNOSSC, additional support that the United Nations system and Member States may provide, including that of staff to UNOSSC from Member States and United Nations organizations, recruitment of Junior Professional Officers, and other measures to strengthen the UNOSSC capacity and enhance its cooperation with Member States and the United Nations system

Mr. President,

The Islamic Republic of Iran would also like to raise its concern over the negligence on the consideration of the proposals made to enhance the status of the UNNOSSC, among others, by JIU and different sessions of HLC, which have been endorsed by the GA as well.

In conclusion, emphasizing the point that “business as usual” should not be an option for us, my delegation would like to second the proposal made by the G77 and china about inclusion  in the discussionof the HLC, the needto have updated information on the steps taken on the implementation of the recommendations of the Joint Inspection Unit Report,and on the implementation of the call to strengthening of the UN Office of South-South Cooperation with adequate human and financial resources including the revision of the governance structure, secretariat support and financial assistance, and as a separate entity and a focal point for South-South cooperation within the United Nations system, so as to enable it to carry out its full responsibilities.

I thank you, Mr. President.

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