Iran MPs condemn European Parliament resolution

Iran Majlis

Press TV -(Tue Apr 8, 2014) Iranian lawmakers have issued a statement in condemnation of the recent European Parliament (EP) resolution about the human rights situation in Iran, saying it is a blatant interference in Iran’s internal affairs.

“The European Parliament has recently moved to issue a statement in connection with Iran that despite positive points, its spirit is in contradiction with the growing trend of ties between Iran and the European Union,” read the statement, signed by 258 Iranian lawmakers.
On Thursday, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the EU strategy toward Iran, expressing concern over the alleged human rights violations in the country.
It also claimed that Iran’s presidential election in June 2013, which was marked by a high voter turnout and led to the victory of President Hassan Rouhani, was “not held according to the democratic standards valued by the EU.”
The Iranian legislators dismissed the EP’s surprising comments claiming that Iran’s “presidential elections were not held in accordance with the democratic standards valued by the EU” and said such statements are clear meddling in the Islamic Republic’s affairs.
“The West dual view on political systems and [its] ignorance of dictatorial and non-democratic countries is not lost on anyone,” the statement said.
The Iranian lawmakers also condemned EP’s allegations about human rights violation in Iran and emphasized that the European Parliament “has no political weight” to make comment about this issue.
They reaffirmed Iran’s resolve to counter all forms of the ominous phenomenon of terrorism and put an end to the ongoing war in Syria through peaceful talks.
The European Parliament’s recent resolution against Iran continues to spark anger in the country. A group of clerics and theology students of the Qom Seminary rallied on Tuesday in protest to the resolution.

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