25 February 2014

  Statement by H.E. Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee

Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

At The informal meeting on the Humanitarian Situation in Syria

25 February 2014,New York

بسم الله

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful


Mr.  President,

 Today, we heard heart burning stories and statements about the humanitarian situation in Syria, from a child with the name of Mariam to a doctor called Khaled and humanitarian crisis in and out of Syria and 2.5 million refugees.

 While we appreciate the valuable efforts that have been undertaken to alleviate the humanitarian situation in Syria by the UN officials and Agencies, but nobody explained the cause of all these problems, such as who are behind all these sufferings and what are the role of foreign forces, as well as the terrorist groups in the escalation of the crisis? We should look at the roots of the crisis and try to find a solution accordingly. 

We must ask all countries involved in Syria, specially Saudi Arabia to stop supporting violent extremist groups, financially and militarily and pull them out of Syria. 

We should also let the people of Syria and the real opposition groups to find a solution for the crisis in a peaceful political process with the government, a Syrian led solution. Obviously, we all should help Syrian nation to find peaceful political solution.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has continuously supported a political solution and in this regard supported Mr. Lakhdar  Brahimi’s efforts.

Mr. President,

Pending a peaceful settlement of the conflict, it is imperative that the international community make its utmost efforts to stop the humanitarian situation from deteriorating and alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. Undoubtedly, the provision of humanitarian assistance to those in need inside Syria and in the refugee camps in the region should come first on the scale of priorities.

My government has been robustly committed in providing the Syrian nation with humanitarian assistance and was in full cooperation with the United Nations System particularly with the office of Ms. Valerie Amos, Under Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator as well as the other members of the international community since the beginning of the crisis.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has declared, at the highest level, its readiness to help the UN system in their efforts to coordinate with the Syrian government and other parties involved and to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people in need in Syria. We have been delivering assistance in helping facilitate and coordinate between the Syrian authorities on the one hand and the agencies of the UN system, especially UNOCHA, and other relevant agencies on the other hand.

Iran also actively participated in the sessions of High Level Group on Humanitarian Challenges in Syria. Iran also hosted a trilateral meeting on humanitarian situation in Syria on 4February 2014, during which senior officials from Iran, Switzerland and Syria discussed ways to facilitate aid delivery to Syria.

Mr. President,

While we need urgently to address the humanitarian situation in Syria, there is another alarming issues that we also need to take into consideration.  The issue is the growing presence of Terrorist groups in Syria as we all know thousands of young people from Europe to Africa, have joined the known violent extremist or terrorist groups in Syria.  In fact, Syria is becoming a training camp for a new generation of armed, organized and ambitious violent extremists. This is another dangerous outcome of the Syrian crisis, resulted from foreign interventions. This will endanger the security and stability of the region as well as the rest of the world. 

I think that UN should pay attention to this serious threat.

I thank you Mr. President.

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