10 December 2013

Statement by The Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

At the 6th session of the OWG on Sustainable Development Goals

Under the Item entitled “Means of Implementation”

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

بسم الله

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Mr. Co-Chair,

Thank you very much for giving me the floor,

Let me first thank you, the Co-chairs, for the excellent way you are handling the work of this working group. The appreciation also goes to the panelists of yesterday’s meeting and the UN Task Team for their invaluable inputs presented orally and/or in written.

My delegation would like to associate itself with the statement made by Fiji, on behalf of the Group of 77 and China. Furthermore, I would like to add a few points in my national capacity.

Mr. Chairman,

Much has been said Yesterday and Today about the importance of Monterrey and Doha Conferences’ outcome documents and their standing relevance to today’s situation. Likewise, it has been reaffirmed that the world today is pretty much in need of more an effective re-allocation of financing, be it through public, private, domestic and international. The importance of having a facilitation mechanism for transfer of technologies under the UN and a much more enabling environment in the local and international levels for the sustainable development of countries are also among many issues stressed by the delegations.  

However, I would like to raise a few other points to be considered in our working process in designing the SDGs:

Firstly, in devising the SDGs, setting the bars high or low would not make any pragmatic sense if there is no means of implementation set for each and every one of them. Existing lessons from various reports on the implementation of the MDGs clearly shows that the global partnership and means of implementation should not be seen as an isolated island, even if it is shaped in Utopia.

Secondly, we are not indulged with infinite time for trial and error; we don’t have the luxury of creating another process after the SDGs either, the same as we are working now after the MDGs. Therefore, it is upon us to work on a system of goals and targets, implementation of which is fully determined by unflawed means and commitments, so that we would not gather 15 years from now and regret about what we have not done!

Thirdly, the balanced integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development, by itself,  should mean that there should be a homogeneous approach to both hardware and software; hence, we are all cognizant that if there is no economic development, the only thing to be equally distributed would be “deteriorated poverty”, and if there is no equal distribution and equity, there would be no social development either. That is why my delegation maintains that the means of implementation should be equitably devoted to all three dimensions of sustainable development, avoiding conditioning important priorities such as “poverty eradication” on the achievement of other important issues like “inclusiveness”. By saying this in no way, my delegation undermines the importance of “inclusiveness”, but “conditionality”.  

Fourthly, means of implementation for each and every target should be quantifiable. Assessment and verification of the achievements is only guaranteed when there is a quantifiable system of allocation and a clear mechanism for the assessment of its implementation.

Fifthly, the roadmap for the implementation of each target, which is part and parcel of every mechanism related to means of implementation,  should be based upon the unique circumstances and conditions of each country, and tailored in a way that is aligned with its grand national economic strategies and priorities. 

Finally, Mr. Co-Chair, my delegation believes that “means of implementation for each SDGs” should be accompanied by “means of sustainability of its achievements”; otherwise, changes in the enabling environments, which the history shows to be quite recurring, might retract the achievements to even a worse status.


I thank you Mr. Co-Chair,  

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