27 November 2013

 Statement by The Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

At the 5th session of the OWG on Sustainable Development Goals

Under the Item entitled “Energy”

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

بسم الله

 In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

 Mr. Co-Chair,

Thank you very much for giving me the floor,

Let me first thank you, the Co-chairs, for the excellent way you are presiding over this working group. The appreciation also goes to the panelists of yesterday’s meeting and the UN Task Team for their remarkable inputs in this process.

My delegation would like to associate itself with the statement made by Fiji, on behalf of the Group of 77 and China. Furthermore, I would like to add a few points in my national capacity.

The importance of energy as a key factor in sustainable development has been emphatically reaffirmed by the panelists and the delegations that have intervened in yesterday’s and today’s meetings, without which development seems to be impossible. The statistics about lack of access or the non-qualified access to energy throughout the world, which were also partly presented in our discussions, is appalling.

It was also highlighted that it is rather impossible to perfectly transform the world towards 100 percent utilization of new sources of renewable energy, and the world is in need of taking advantage of an energy mix.

Likewise, access to modern energy, improving the rate of energy efficiency and enhancing the share of renewable energy in the energy mix, have been proposed to be the main related targets on this issue.

There is no doubt that these are very valuable targets; however, setting indicators in transforming the world to such a place should be based upon realities, including inter-alia,  a required efficient financing, a viable sharing mechanism of new technologies and related know-how, and a very sound regulatory system at all levels.

In this regard, since the issue of “energy” encompasses three operational dimensions, including production, consumption and the bridging linkages, my delegation believes that efficient, effective and affordable energy can be highly achieved through a holistic approach, which addresses the challenges in the different related aspects of it, including production of new sources of energy and at the same time optimization of production of different existing sources of energy, improving medians of access to energy, a well chartered consumption patterns of energy, as well as an enabling environment at the national, regional and international levels.

Finally, Mr. Co-chair, my delegation is of the opinion that targets and indicators should be set based on not only the three dimensions of the sustainable development, but also considering simultaneously all these four aspects of energy, namely: production, consumption, bridging linkages and enabling environment at all levels.

 I thank you Mr. Chairman, 

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