Blasts won’t change Iran pro-resistance stance

Secretary of Iran Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani

Press TV -(Tue Nov 19, 2013) Secretary of Iran Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani says the terrorist attacks against Iran Embassy in Beirut will not dissuade Iran from continuing its support for the anti-Israeli resistance front.

“Such actions will have no impact on Iran’s continued support for the Islamic resistance current,” Shamkhani said on Tuesday. 
He made the remark in a meeting with Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud, who submitted a written message from the head of Syria’s National Security Bureau Ali Mamlouk. 
Shamkhani condemned the deadly attacks, which have killed more than 23 people, describing them as a sign of the desperation of Israel and its terrorist allies. 
According to Press TV sources, the first explosion took place when a bomber blew his explosives near the gate of the embassy, and the second blast happened just meters away when a car bomb went off. 
The death toll is expected to rise, as many of the wounded are in critical condition. 
The blasts have also caused damage to the Iranian Embassy and nearby buildings. 
Meanwhile, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an al-Qaeda-linked group, has claimed responsibility for the twin bombings. 
The Syrian government has also condemned the terrorist attack

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