6 November 2013

Statement by H.E. Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee  Permanent Representative

of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

Before the 68th Session of the General Assembly

On Agenda item 88: Report of the International Atomic Energy Agency

(New York, 6 November 2013)
بسم الله

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

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Mr. President,

First I would like to thank Director General Amano for his report.
Nuclear technology as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and climatically benign source of energy, has gained a prominent position in the sustainable development of nations, in particular in industrial, medical and agricultural fields as well as producing electricity.
The inalienable right to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination, including the inherent right to develop a full national nuclear fuel cycle for peaceful purposes, is the very foundation and one of the fundamental pillars of the NPT. These inherent rights can never be suspended or restricted.
According to Article IV of the NPT, not only nothing in the Treaty shall be interpreted as affecting these rights, but all parties have a firm legal obligation “to facilitate, and have the right to participate in, the fullest possible exchange of equipment, materials and scientific and technological information for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy”.
Furthermore, based on Article III of the NPT, even the required safeguards “shall be implemented in a manner designed to comply with article IV of this Treaty, and to avoid hampering the economic or technological development of the Parties or international cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear activities, including the international exchange of nuclear material and equipment for the processing, use or production of nuclear material for peaceful purposes”.
Likewise, according to Articles II and III of the IAEA Statute, the Agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world. It should also foster the exchange of scientific and technical information and assist research on, and development and practical application of, atomic energy for peaceful uses.
Accordingly, along with other statutory functions of the Agency, to assist Member States in research on, and development and practical application of, nuclear energy for peaceful uses is its primary responsibility.
We believe that this role of IAEA should be further promoted.
The IAEA should be allowed to work impartially and professionally.
This is necessary for preserving the authority, efficiency and credibility of the IAEA as well as the continued relevance and credibility of the NPT.
In exercising its inalienable right to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, Iran is committed to its legal obligations.
Iran’s nuclear activities are and have always been exclusively for peaceful purposes.
Iran continues to cooperate with the IAEA. All activities in the Iranian nuclear sites are under 24-hour surveillance cameras of the Agency. In addition, the resident inspectors of IAEA regularly visit these sites and measure and seal enriched uranium containers.
The Agency inspectors had carried out over 8,000 person-days of inspection in Iranian facilities, including 100 unannounced inspections. Such inspections record is unprecedented in the history of the Agency.
Based on the latest IAEA safeguards implementation report, merely in 2012, Iran has dispatched over 4,000 accounting reports to the agency without delay.
In many occasions and as trust and confidence-building measures, Iran has cooperated with the Agency well beyond its legal obligations.
As a result, non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran has always been confirmed by all IAEA reports, including its latest report, dated 28 August 2013.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to continue its cooperation with the Agency based on its safeguards agreement.
According to the Joint Statement by IAEA and the Islamic Republic of Iran, issued following the recent talks at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, “delegations of the Agency and the Islamic Republic of Iran had a very productive meeting covering past and present issues on the 28th and 29th of October in Vienna. Iran presented a new proposal on practical measures as a constructive contribution to strengthen cooperation and dialogue with a view to future resolution of all outstanding issues. Following the substantive discussions it was decided that a further meeting will be held on 11th November in Tehran in order to take this cooperation forward.”
This indeed is a new chapter of cooperation with the IAEA. We will continue this approach at the new round of negotiations with the Agency. We stand ready to make the upcoming negotiations a success.

Mr. President,

Based on our new approach, we will continue our constructive engagement with the parties concerned.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to resolve all outstanding issues through a meaningful, time-bound and result-oriented negotiations.
Adoption of a win-win approach is essential to ensure that negotiations will result in the removal of the legitimate concerns of the other parties and the acknowledgement of the inherent right of Iran to peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including to develop a full national nuclear fuel cycle, and lifting all multilateral and unilateral sanctions.
Through its constructive engagement and presenting practical proposals, Iran demonstrated its seriousness to solve outstanding issues once and for all. Therefore, the other parties should prove their genuine political will by seizing this opportunity.

I thank you Mr. President.

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