1 November 2013

General Statement of the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Before Taking Action on Draft Resolutions on Disarmament Machinery

At the 68th Session of the First Committee

New York, 1 November 2013

بسم الله
In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Mr. Chairman,

The Islamic Republic of Iran reaffirms the importance attached by the Charter of the United Nations to the principles of equality of all States and equitable geographical distribution.
Taking into account the importance of groups of governmental experts in the field of disarmament and international security, my delegation emphasizes the need for giving due consideration, in the appointment of the members of such groups, also to equitable geographical representation.
While expressing concern at the regional imbalance and inadequate and under-representation of developing countries in the current composition of the membership in some groups of governmental experts, we consider that mere reflection of the principle of equitable geographical representation in the resolutions establishing such GGEs is not sufficient.
Accordingly, Iran underlines the need for the strict application of such principle in the actual composition of these Groups to ensure a more balanced membership therein.
My delegation urges the Secretary-General to take concrete actions so as to ensure a more balanced membership of future GGEs which can contribute to the effectiveness and participatory nature of their work.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.

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