31 October 2013

Explanation of Vote of the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

On Draft Resolution:

“The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East”

At the 68th Session of the First Committee

New York, 31 October 2013

بسم الله

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Mr. Chairman,

I would like to explain the position of my delegation regarding draft resolution entitled: “The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East”, contained in document: A/C.1/68/L.2.
As previous years, we voted in favor of this resolution which deals with the most important aspect of security in the Middle East, namely the threat of nuclear weapons arsenal of the Israeli regime.
The aggressive and expansionist policies of this regime, its large arsenal of nuclear and other sophisticated weapons, as well as its non-adherence to international law, norms and principles is the only source of threat to the peace and security in the Middle East and beyond and the only obstacle for the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in this volatile region.
Indeed, peace and stability cannot be achieved in the Middle East inasmuch as such an irresponsible regime has a massive nuclear arsenal, continues to threaten the region and beyond, is outside treaties banning WMD, in particular the NPT, continues underground nuclear weapon program, and defies the repeated calls by the international community to comply with international conduct, norms and principles.
Against this backdrop and in order to establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East, the international community has no choice but to exert maximum pressure on the Israeli regime, to eliminate all its nuclear weapons, to accede to the NPT, as a non-nuclear-weapon party, without any further delay and precondition and place all its nuclear facilities under the IAEA comprehensive safeguards.
It is ironic that countries like US, Canada or Members of the European Union who have kept deadly silence on the clandestine nuclear weapons program and un-safeguarded nuclear installations of the Zionist regime, made baseless allegations against exclusively peaceful and safeguarded nuclear program of my country which we categorically reject them all.
However, the rationale behind these hypocritical statements is clear. By making such absurd allegations, they try to divert the attention of Member States from the danger of Israel’s nuclear arsenals, its clandestine nuclear program, its unsafeguarded nuclear facilities, its record of non-adherence to the international instruments on Weapons of Mass Destruction and its non-compliance with its obligations under the International Law.
But, all of us recall that, through the consensually adopted Final Document of the 2010 NPT Review Conference, 189 NPT States Parties, including all main supporters of this regime, unanimously called upon Israel by name, to accede to the NPT without any condition and put all its clandestine nuclear activities under the international safeguards.
It indicates as well that in the view of international community, there is no source of insecurity and instability in the Middle East and beyond, other than the Israeli regime.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.

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