23 October 2013

Statement by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

on the Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

before Third Committee of the 68th session of the UN General Assembly

New York, 23 October 2013

بسم الله

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. Chairman,

First of all, I would like to thank Madam High Commissioner for presenting her annual update report to the Third committee, on the overall work of the office and while appreciating the efforts made by the Office for further enhancement of genuine human rights at different levels, I wish to briefly make following comments and observations:

–        On capacity building and technical assistance and cooperation, we took note the increasingly action-oriented approach taken by the Office of the High commissioner, and do hope that such engagement and technical cooperation mach the real desire and actual needs and requirements of member states. In this context, we expect the Office not to focus on issues which are not considered internationally recognized human rights.

–         On strengthening and enhancing human rights treaty bodies system, we engaged constructively in the process of inter-governmental working group with a view to forming broad consensus, thus laying a solid foundation for the better functioning of treaty bodies system.  In this respect, we appreciate the efforts made by the respective co-facilitators, as well as the role played by the Office of the High Commissioner in the process, and maintain that the reform process should fully respect the views of member states.

–        On UPR, we highly value this important mechanism as a vital tool for constructive dialogue and enhancement of international cooperation in the field of human rights and request the Office to continue its support for better functioning of this workable mechanism.

–        On Syria, as stated before, we maintain that immediate negotiation of all parties concerned is the right path towards resolving Syrian crisis. Military intervention would further complicate the situation and foster instability, terrorism and extremism. We underline that there is no alternative to a political solution and a negotiated settlement involving an inclusive and meaningful dialogue among all parties that reflects the legitimate aspirations of all Syrians, continues to be the best solution, leading to save the lives of Syrians and further protection of their human rights.    

–        On economic, social and cultural rights and in particular the right to development, while emphasizing on their importance and need for the Office to pay a more balanced attention to those rights, as underlined in VDPA, we maintain that sanctions serve as a counterproductive instrument affecting enjoyment of human right. They clearly contradict international human rights norms and standards and negatively affect the enjoyment of human rights by ordinary people. Accordingly, it is expected that the High Commissioner by taking a principled position, condemn imposed sanctions as violation of human rights. These sanctions are conspicuously in contradiction with principles of international law, the UN Charter and all human rights instruments.

–        Finally, we maintain that addressing the dire situation of Palestinian people and the longstanding atrocities committed against them should remain at the top of priorities of the international community in general and the Office of the High Commissioner in particular.

 In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, I would like thank Madam High Commissioner and to express once again our readiness to fully cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner for further promotion and protection of human rights at national and international levels.

Thank you,   

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