14 October 2013

Statement by The Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Under Agenda Item 24, sub-items (a) & (b): Operational Activities for Development& South-South Cooperation

Second Committee of the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the UN

New York, 14 October 2013

بسم الله

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. Chairman,

I would like to associate myself with the statement made by Fiji on behalf of the Group of 77 and China and add a few points in my own national capacity.
The importance of this year’s session is magnified on various aspects:

• firstly, the QCPR (Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review) resolution (67/226) is somehow newly adopted by the General Assembly of the UN, which sets the main directions for the Operational Activities of the UN related organs;

• secondly, the major UN players, which are subject to the issue of operational activities, have just prepared or are preparing their own quadrennial strategic funds and programs;

• thirdly, the big picture of the Post Rio Processes is now getting more clear shape in terms of setting goals and targets for global sustainable development.

Accordingly, Mr. Chairman, the Islamic Republic of Iran would like to stress the following salient points in relations with the operational activities of the UN related bodies:

a. The principle of country ownership in both Macro and Micro programming of the UN related bodies’ operational activities should continue to be strictly adhered at any stage and level of development;

b. The UN related bodies should align their operational activities with the mandates of the adopted QCPR;

c. There is a need to step up UN activities which would build the national capacities and enable program countries to use their own expertise in dealing with the challenges they face in achieving their developmental goals.

d. It is required to address the imbalance between core and non-core resources for operational activities for development, and for these to be programmed on the basis of the needs and priorities of program countries.

e. UN Development System must provide Member States with a coherent and unified monitoring framework, to be implemented based on the principle of national ownership, which would be targeted at assessing improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and impact in assisting developing countries to achieve their development goals.

Mr. Chairman,

we read the report of the Secretary General on the Status of South-South Cooperation carefully as this a dear subject to my government and strongly believe that the UN role in the South-South and triangular cooperation, as an effective means of enhancing the participation of developing countries in the global economy and effective strategy to enhance the development efforts of developing countries, is crucial.
In this regard, my delegation, welcomes the recommendations made by the Secretary General in the report on the Status of the South-South Cooperation and the need to enhance efforts by the UN system to mainstream support for South-South and Triangular cooperation.
Nevertheless, we think that the report on the Status of South-South Cooperation should mainly focus on the South-south cooperation activities done by the UN system and its different relevant agencies, numerous of which are not captured in this report.
For us, knowing what is going on in the system, the achievements, the initiatives, the barriers, and the shortcomings, as well as how to tackle them and to program for the future is very important.
Finally, Mr. Chairman, it is within this context that we maintain the UN Office for South-South cooperation should be further strengthened and enabled to address them. We are also of the view that the UN agencies and entities, while holding the required events and process, should come with concrete initiatives and mechanisms in place for sustained South-South cooperation to be undertaken by southern countries, a good example of which is the institutionalization of the South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange (SS-GATE) by the UN Office for South-South Cooperation, as mentioned in the report by the SG.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman

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