7 october 2013

Statement by H.E. Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement

Before the Special Political and Decolonization Committee

68th Session of the General Assembly on Decolonization Items

 New York, 7 october 2013

بسم الله

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Mr. Chairman,

On behalf of Non-Aligned Movement, I would like to congratulate you and other members of the Bureau upon your election to steer the work of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee during the sixty-eight Session of the General Assembly. While wishing you all the best of success, I reaffirm the commitment of the Non-Aligned Movement to cooperate with you, in order to conduct the deliberations and work of the committee to a successful completion.

Mr. Chairman,

The Non-Aligned Movement attaches great importance to the universal goal of Decolonization and the exercise of the legitimate right to self-determination of peoples under colonization and alien dominance. The Movement reaffirms once again its full support for the aspirations of peoples under colonial rule to exercise their right to self-determination in accordance with the Charter of  the United Nations and its relevant resolutions.

Since its establishment in 1961, the Special Committee on Decolonization has achieved significant result through its work. Despite significant progress, however, there are still 17 Non-Self-Governing Territories under the purview of the General Assembly. we underline that existence of colonialism in any form or manifestation, including economic exploitation, is incompatible with the Charter of the United Nations, the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this regard, NAM stresses the imperative of forthright pursuit of decolonization agenda and calls upon the United Nations to fulfill its responsibilities and to speed up the process of decolonization toward the complete elimination of colonialism in accordance with the Declaration, subsequent relevant General Assembly resolutions, and the provisions of the United Nations Charter.

 The Non-Aligned Movement stresses, yet again, the importance of the recommendations contained in the Final Document of the 16th Summit Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Movement, held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, in August 2012, as well as in the Final Document of the 17th NAM ministerial meeting held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in May 2012, in particular the renewal of the call to the United Nations Member States to speed up the process of decolonization towards the complete elimination of colonialism.

Mr. Chairman,

The Special Committee continues to grapple with the thorny political issues of countries and territories that still remain under foreign dominance. NAM underscores the important role played by the Special Committee and reiterates its full support to the decolonization process carried out by the United Nations through its pertinent bodies, pursuant to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and principles established in resolution 1514 (XV) of the General Assembly. The Movement believes that the Special Committee needs to find different ways to enhance its efficiency in order to improve its interaction and cooperation with Administering Powers, and ensure the active participation of peoples of the Non-self-Governing Territories in determining their own future. Meanwhile, we urge the Administering Powers to grant their full support to the activities of the Special Committee and fully cooperate with this UN  body.

Mr. Chairman,

Eradication of colonialism has been one of the priorities of the United Nations. In this regard, NAM remains committed to playing its part to ensure  that there are tangible achievements in the goal to eradicate colonialism during the Third International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism (2011-2020).

The Non-Aligned Movement urges all Administering Powers to pay full compensations for the economic, social, and cultural consequences of their occupation, in order to fulfill the right of all peoples who were or are still subjected to colonial rule or foreign occupation, to receive fair compensation for the human and material losses they suffered as a result of colonial rule or occupation.

Furthermore, the Movement calls upon the United Nations to ensure that economic and other activities carried out by the Administering Powers do not affect the interests of the peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories, but instead to promote development and assist them in the exercise of their legitimate right to self-determination. This also applies to the cultural and heritage identity of the colonial peoples as a component of the humanity universal heritage. The Non-Aligned Movement further urges the United Nations Member States to fully implement the decisions and resolutions of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization concerning the return of cultural properties to the peoples who were or still are under colonial rule or foreign occupation.

The Non-Aligned Movement reaffirms its position on the question of Puerto Rico, contained in the Final Document of the 16th Summit Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Movement, as well as in the Final Document of the 17th NAM ministerial meeting, in which the Movement reaffirms the right of the people of Puerto Rico to self-determination and independence on the basis of  General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) and urges the United Nations General Assembly to actively consider the question of Puerto Rico in all its aspects.

Mr. Chairman,

NAM continues to support the inalienable right of  Palestinian people to self-determination and establishment of their independent and viable State of Palestine on the bases of relevant international resolutions and references, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

In conclusion, I wish to urge the international community to commit itself to the total elimination of  colonialism in all its forms and further call upon the United Nations to contribute in a more effective manner to this end.

Thank you

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