Iran calls for enhancement of ties with Armenia

First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri

Press TV -(Thu Oct 3, 2013) Iranian First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has urged closer cooperation between Tehran and Yerevan on all fronts.

In a message to Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, the Iranian vice president called for the expansion of Tehran-Yerevan relations in political, economic and cultural fields. 
He also expressed optimism that the enhancement of mutual ties between Iran and Armenia will help promote peace in the region and across the globe. 
Jahangiri also congratulated the Armenian nation and government on the anniversary of the country’s independence day. 
In line with their existing bilateral relations, Tehran and Yerevan have established growing energy ties over the recent years. Iran has bartered more than 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas with Armenia’s electricity over the past six years. 
Last year, Iran exchanged some 481 million cubic meters of gas with the neighboring country’s electricity, the largest amount of bartering between Iran and Armenia in six years. 

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