Rouhani UN speech carefully thought-out: Iran Speaker

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani

Press TV -(Wed Oct 2, 2013) Majlis speaker Ali Larijani describes Hassan Rouhani’s speech at the UN General Assembly as carefully thought-out, saying that the Iranian president perfectly defended Iran’s national interests in New York.

“Rouhani’s speeches and interviews were exact and deep, and touched upon the miseries and hardship that the Iranian nation has gone through as a result of Western adventurism,” Larijani said on Wednesday. 
He lauded Rouhani’s reference to extremist, Takfiri and terrorist groups as one of the serious problems in the region as insightful, stating that Westerners are supporting extremists for tactical reasons even though they condemn them verbally. 
“They might think they will exploit these extremist groups for the time being and take care of them later. They are, however, unaware that once these terrorist groups grow, the West and its allies in the region will not be able to confront them. An example of this is Afghanistan,” Larijani pointed out.
He added that Rouhani highlighted that a tactical approach concerning the campaign against terrorism is a strategic mistake, and poses a real and serious threat to the international peace and security.
“In his UN speech and interviews, Rouhani well pointed to the role of the Zionist regime [of Israel] in the spread of insecurity, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and its policy of deception,” Larijani said.
Larijani also said the expression of the Iran’s nuclear rationale coupled with proper diplomatic tone by Rouhani prepared the ground for meaningful talks over Iran’s nuclear energy program.
“Nuclear negotiations can no longer be conducted with the past pattern and literature. They should be revived in a new context …,” Larijani said.
On Tuesday, two hundred and 30 Iranian lawmakers also expressed support for the stances adopted by Rouhani during his visit to New York.
The lawmakers hailed the Iranian president for presenting Iran as a powerful and peace-loving country, which seeks interaction and dialogue as the solution for regional and international issues.
They expressed hope that those countries that have accepted the reality of a powerful and influential Iran and the determining role of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei would try to lift the cruel sanctions on Tehran and respect the rights of the Iranian people. 

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