Iran calls on Egyptian parties to show restraint, avoid violence

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araqchi

Press TV -(Sat Jul 27, 2013) Iran has expressed sorrow over the killing of tens of people in the ongoing violence in Egypt, calling on all parties in the country to exercise restraint.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is closely following the developments in Egypt, expresses sorrow over the killing of a number of people in recent days, and calls on all Egyptian sides to exercise restraint and avoid violence,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araqchi stated on Saturday. 
Araqchi expressed confidence in the Egyptian people’s wisdom and vigilance against enemy plots aimed at derailing the country’s 2011 revolution. 
The spokesman urged all Egyptian parties and leaders to respect national solidarity, people’s basic rights, and democratic principles to pave the way for dialogue and national reconciliation. 
On July 3, army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that President Mohamed Morsi was no longer in office and declared that the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, had been appointed as the new interim president of Egypt. The army also suspended the constitution. 
Army officials said Morsi, who took office in June 2012, was being held “preventively” by the military. 
Scores of people have been killed ever since in almost daily clashes between supporters of the deposed president, his opponents, and the country’s security forces. 
The United Nations along with several countries, including the US and Germany, has called for the release of Egypt’s first democratically elected president. 

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