Arak heavy-water reactor under constant IAEA supervision: Iran

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araqchi

Press TV -(Wed Jun 12, 2013) Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman says operations at the country’s Arak heavy-water reactor is under the constant monitoring of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“The 40-megawatt Arak heavy-water reactor is not a confidential and secret issue, and is under the constant supervision of the IAEA,” Abbas Araqchi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday. 
The Iranian official also said that Tehran has provided the IAEA with necessary information on the nuclear reactor, which is located in the Iranian city of Arak. 
He said the Arak reactor will gradually replace Tehran’s research reactor and will produce medical radioisotopes for about one million cancer patients. 
Earlier on June 9, Iran installed the main container of the reactor, which uses natural uranium to produce radio medicine. 
During a meeting on Iran’s nuclear energy program in Vienna on June 6, the IAEA accused Tehran of building the Arak reactor with a design not previously approved by the Agency. 
Iran’s IAEA Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh, however, rejected the accusation, arguing that the Arak reactor is visited by international inspectors every three months and that the facility produces radioactive isotopes for medical purposes. 
Iran has repeatedly voiced its willingness to cooperate with the IAEA under a clear framework.

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