Iran dismisses Canadian accusations of meddling

 Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast

Press TV -(Wed Apr 10, 2013) Iran dismisses accusations by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird that the Islamic Republic is meddling in the affairs of its Persian Gulf neighbors.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Wednesday that Baird’s claims indicate “his lack of knowledge of the realities in our country and the region.”
Mehmanparast added that Canada has “systematically and constantly” violated the First Nations rights to the extent that the United Nations rapporteurs released a report to that effect.
During a recent visit to Bahrain, Baird claimed that Iran’s “interference in some of its neighbors’ internal political affairs is something that’s distinctly unhelpful, and it’s never motivated by good.”
Mehmanparast advised the Canadian government to put on its agenda reasonable and realistic approaches and adopting recognized foreign policy traditions instead of accusing others.
The government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is under criticism for its violations of the rights of the indigenous peoples of Canada.
Many of Canada’s natives live in poor conditions with unsafe drinking water, inadequate housing, addiction, and high suicide rates.
In a report released on December 19, 2012, Amnesty International asked Canada to address human rights abuses in the country, particularly with respect to the rights of indigenous peoples.

Fars NA -(Wed Apr 10, 2013) FM Spokesman Condemns Canadian Top Diplomat’s Remarks against Iran

The Iranian foreign ministry reacted angrily to the recent remarks made by Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird against Tehran and accused him of ignoring the regional realities.
“Such remarks are rooted in his lack of understanding of the existing realities in Iran and the region,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said on Wednesday when asked about Baird’s remarks against Iran in his recent trip to the Middle-East.
During a recent visit to the Persian Gulf region, Baird accused Iran of interfering in its neighbors’ affairs.
Mehman-Parast pointed to the basic problems of the conservative government in Canada, including abusing the rights of the Canadian people, natives in particular, and said, “The Canadian government had better pick up a wise and realistic approach and return to the well-known traditions of Canada’s foreign policy instead of raising accusations against others.”
Canada has had a very bad track record when it comes to the treatment of the natives and most of the native Canadians suffer poor educational, economic and social conditions, and are among the poorest members of the Canadian society.

IRNA -(Wed Apr 10, 2013) Canada foreign policy lacks insight about realities in Iran, FM spokesman

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said the Canadian foreign policy reveals a lack of insight on the part of its government about realities in Iran as well as the region.
He made the remarks in reaction to the anti-Iran remarks recently made by foreign minister of the Canadian conservative cabinet during his Middle East visit.
He said the remarks clearly indicate that he has no knowledge of realities either in Iran or the region.
Mehmanparast noted that the remarks are made at the time when Canada itself is confronting such basic challenges as systematic and sustained violation of the rights of its indigenous citizens which has even inspired a report by the United Nations especial rapporteurs.
The spokesman further advised the Canadian government to focus on rational, realistic and well-established principles rather than making accusations against other countries.

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