Iran’s high cultural position in Asia undeniable: Salehi

Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi

Press TV -(Sat Mar 30, 2013) Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has underlined Iran’s distinguished cultural position in Asia, saying such a capacity can contribute to greater cultural exchanges among Asian countries.

Speaking at the 11th ministerial meeting of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, on Friday, Salehi pointed to a number of cultural programs and plans undertaken by Tehran, including the formation of an ACD cultural structure, and the need for women’s role in the advancement of cultural activities in Asia.
“The establishment of an Asian center for cinematic studies, cooperation in the arrangement of cultural exhibitions, the cultural revival of the Silk Road, the compilation of the ACD dictionary and ceremonies in memory of Asian cultural figures are among other proposals put forward by Iran at the ACD meeting,” Salehi said.
The Iranian foreign minister noted that Tehran hosted the 2013 Asian Culture and Civilization Conference in February, and will host the 3rd meeting of the high-ranking officials and culture ministers of the ACD in May.
“The ACD is now an effective body for the exchange of opinions, a cornerstone for the reinforcement of cooperation and solidarity among Asian nations, and a proper platform for the advancement of trans-regional cooperation,” Salehi pointed out.
He added that the ACD, as a regional cooperation organization, can bring nations together, exploit common cultural values and principles and act as a basis for the expansion of trade cooperation among Asian states.
The ACD is a body created in 2002 to promote Asian cooperation at a continental level and to help integrate various regional cooperation organizations.
The organization was founded by 18 members, and currently comprises 32 member states.
The promotion of interdependence among Asian countries in all areas of cooperation, the reduction of poverty and the improvement of the quality of life for Asian people, the expansion of the trade and financial market within Asia and the increase of the bargaining power of Asian countries are some of the main objectives of the ACD.

Fars NA -(Sat Mar 30, 2013)Iranian FM Urges Further Cultural Cooperation among Asian Nations

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi underlined the importance of culture in advancement of different countries, and called on the Asian nations to boost their cultural exchanges.
Salehi made the remarks at the 11th Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) ministerial meeting in Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, on Friday.
“The ACD must pursue shared interests through close cooperation and cultural exchanges among its member countries and in this respect the ACD is in need of an appropriate strategy for proper and comprehensive development of the entire Asian countries, and even a roadmap for the purpose,” Salehi said.
He pointed to the prominent privileges and unique features of the ancient continent of Asia, and said, “This continent has entered the modern era successfully, and is acting great in economic and tourism fields.”
The 11th ACD ministerial meeting was preceded by the senior officials’ meeting which was held a day earlier.
The Iranian foreign minister attended the event at the official invitation of his Tajik counterpart Hamrokhon Zarifi.
Established in 2002, the ACD seeks to promote Asian cooperation at a continental level and to help integrate separate regional cooperation organizations.
The ACD also aims to consolidate Asian strengths and fortify the continent’s competitiveness by maximizing its diversity and rich resources.
The body was originally founded by 18 members. Since October 2012, the organization consists of 32 states. Iran joined the ACD on June 21, 2004.
The 10th ACD ministerial meeting was held in Kuwait on October 10-11, 2011.
The previous ACD ministerial meetings were held in Tehran in 2010, Sri Lanka in 2009, Kazakhstan in 2008, South Korea in 2007, Qatar in 2006, Pakistan in 2005, China in 2004 and Thailand in 2002 and 2003.

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