28 March 2013

Statement by the Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran
to the First Resumed Session of the Fifth Committee of the 67th Session of the General Assembly
on the Agenda Item:  Human Resource Management
28 March  2013

Mr. Chairman,

           My delegation has decided to join the consensus on this agenda item because we did not intend to block the important and immediate areas for the functioning of the Organization covered by this resolution.
          It is, however, the view of my delegation that Paragraph 71 of the resolution on staff management issues, is inconsistent with the spirit of the international labor laws and standards.
          The report of the Joint Inspection Unit (document A/67/ 136), when explaining its recommendation 5, clearly states that the current rules and regulations of the United Nations Organization, even with the recently modified Bulletin of the Secretary General, is based on the old international labor standards and needs to be improved and upgraded.
          Paragraph 71 of the resolution, not only ignores this recommendation, it requests the Secretary General to revise the SG’s Bulletin to the old and outdated regulations.
          In view of my delegation, it is regrettable that the biggest international Organization, shies away from the internationally accepted labor standards. This might bring about problems of prestige and of legal nature to the Organization in the future and does ignore the right of employees to the internationally agreed standards of work.
          My delegation wishes to put its position about this issue on the record, through the explanation above.

I thank you

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