Iran negotiates on behalf of the Group 77

Iran is among a few volunteer countries from the members of the Group 77 in the Group’s negotiation teams in the following agenda items:

Human Resource Management:

1. This agenda item was deferred from the main session of the Fifth Committee in fall 2012, due to inconclusiveness of the discussion. The item deals with a very large and complex set of items which are very dear to the member countries of the United Nations as well as to the staff, including subjects such as mobility of staff, representation of geographical groups in the UN, Staff management issues and much more.

2. Standards of Air Travel Accommodations:

This agenda item revolves around the issue of fine-tuning of the entitlement and privileges for Air Travels in the United Nations Secretariats with an aim to bring about more efficiency into the system. This item is reviewed periodically. Iran has negotiated this item on behalf of the G77 for the past two years.

3. Organizational Resilience:

Organizational preparedness to deal with the aftermath of crises both natural and man-made, in a way that business continuity of the UN is preserved, is the subject of this agenda item.
The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran would discuss all aspects of the abovementioned item with the representatives of the Secretariat during the informal sessions of the Committee, asks questions on all related areas and would propose draft paragraph to be included in the resolutions at the end of the session. Iran would have to defend the proposed draft paragraphs during the informal-informal sessions throughout the first resumes session. 

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