14 November 2012

 Statement by

H.E. Mr. Eshagh Al Habibi

Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative

of the Islamic Republic of Iran

On the Report of the Human Rights Council

Before the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly 

(New York, 14 November 2012)


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Mr. President,

I would like to thank the President of the Human Rights Council for her presentation which has provided us with an overview of the developments and activities of the Council as well as the challenges with which the Council is facing.

Establishment of the Human Rights Council was one of the significant initiatives taken in the United Nations, not only for its contribution to the improvement of UN human rights structure, but fundamentally for its capacity and capability to change politicized  environment of confrontation, that characterized the former Commission on Human Rights which ultimately gave its place to the Human Rights Council as a forum of dialogue and cooperation.

            It is highly expected that the Human Rights Council to be a forum for dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation in achieving the universal realization of human rights, taking into account the cultural and national particularities of  society. To our great dismay, new concerted attempts are emerging to a mere political tool for the sake of political ambitions of a few countries.

It is deplorable that despite the existence of UPR mechanism in the Human Rights Council, certain countries still continue tabling country specific resolutions in the HRC and in the Third Committee of the General Assembly. It goes without saying that such resolutions are politically motivated exercises to satiate political purposes and interests of their sponsors.

Mr. President,

The Islamic Republic of Iran, along with the other developing countries, actively participated and positively contributed to the reform processes of the UN human rights machinery and establishment of the Council with the view to put an end to a long time politicization and manipulation of the UN mechanism by few countries.

Mr. President,

With the successful performance of the first cycle of the UPR mechanism of the Human Rights Council and the launch of the second cycle, it was re-approved that the Universal Periodic Review constitutes a breakthrough in the work of the United Nations intergovernmental human rights activities. The rationale behind creating such mechanism was to ensure universality, objectivity, non-selectivity and impartiality in the work of the Human Rights Council. The real performance of this mechanism, in a logical setting, is to allow the human rights machinery to act beyond the monopoly of a few in monitoring the human rights situations of the member states. On the other hand, the world is still witnessing attempts on the part of a few who wish to impose their own views and interpretations on the application of certain internationally agreed concepts and standards. The Human Rights Council should, by designing innovative approaches, confront such attempts.

Mr. President,

            The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken a genuine and long term approach to safeguard human rights by ensuring its full compliance with the relevant international commitments, while upholding the promotion of principles enshrined in its Constitution.

Our policy has continuously emphasized the significance of interactive and cooperative approach in the promotion and protection of human rights as stipulated in purposes and principles of the UN Charter as well as avoidance of confrontation, double standard and politicization. Iran’s firm commitment for the promotion and protection of human rights includes inter-alia, undertaking of measures leading to further convergence of values and principles held by various countries with different cultural, social and historical backgrounds on human rights question.

 We welcome constructive cooperation with the United Nations mechanisms on human rights. The Iranian officials in the meeting with the H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon the United Nations Secretary General during the recent visit in Tehran expressed their readiness to constructive engagement with the Secretary–General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Iran has invited the High Commissioner to visit the country. A preparatory visit by the OHCHR was carried out in December 2011 to facilitate the visit of the High Commissioner. Iran  is ready to cooperate with special mechanisms of the United Nations which are comprehensive and include all member states of the United Nations and not particular group of States.

            In this regards, we look forward to continuing our close cooperation with the Council in realizing our shared objective of attaining greater global justice, equity and development through the enhancement of all human rights for all.


Thank you Mr. President.

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