5 November 2012

Statement by

 the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 on the Report of the Secretary General (A/ 67/327)

before the Third Committee of the 67th Session of the General assembly

New York, 5  November 2012


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful



Mr. Chairman,


As we have already reiterated on different occasions, the Islamic Republic of Iran in pursuing the lofty aspirations of its people for the world where the fundamental principles of human rights as enshrined in the United Nations Charter shall indiscriminately prevail, has taken a genuine and long term approach to safeguard all human rights by ensuring; its compliance with the relevant international commitments, while upholding the principles enshrined in its Constitution.


By constructively engaging in human rights processes at national, regional and international levels; the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly manifested its unwavering commitment towards the promotion and protection of all human rights. At the same time, Iran tends to regard that a biased approach towards human rights erodes the credibility and legitimacy of human rights mechanisms and undermines capacity of states for genuine promotion and protection of human rights all over the world. This applies to the current report before the Committee, on which the Islamic Republic of Iran would like to make the following comments and observations:


The Islamic Republic of Iran has worked wholeheartedly to realize the rights of its citizensand to create a prosperous society based on justice, equality, independence, legitimate freedoms, as well as social and economic developments.


Iran’s human rights policy emphasizes the significance of an interactive and cooperative approach in the promotion and protection of human rights as stipulated in the UN Charter along with the avoidance of confrontation, double standards and politicization.


Although based on the Resolution 66/175, the United Nations Secretary General is asked to prepare a report on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but since the Resolution, similar to earlier resolutions, is of an unfair, selective and biased nature and it was adopted on the basis of totally political and mal – intention of a limited number of so- called champions of human rights, it is not acceptable at allby the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Sadly, the long – standing practice of one country in pursuing its political agenda, initiated in a resolution of an unfair, selective and biased nature to satisfy its short-sighted political interests and to use it more as an instrument of fault finding, naming and shaming exercise than a vehicle to bring understanding for the promotion and protection of human rights worldwide. A resolution that not only contains deficiencies and contradictions but also gives redundant mandate to the Secretary General to compile a parallel report to the report of so- called the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in my country.


It seems when it comes to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the drafters of the resolution purposefully disregard their advocated criteria denouncing of duplication, parallelism and redundancy of the work in the United Nations human rights mechanisms. As a result of the double-standard two similar reports with same nature and many overlappings have been submitted to this Committee, indicating that when it comes to political manipulation, one country shall easily ignore its advocated criteria and even goes further and insist on resigning of the special mandate holder on the situation of human rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories.


As it was addressed adequately in our responses to the three previous reports of the Secretary General, despite the effective cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its expression of readiness to provide all the necessary information for preparation of a fair, unbiased and non-selective report and its preparedness to help with verification of cases raised in the report, in practice, the reaction was quite unexpectedly opposite. It was the natural and logical expectation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to see the writers of the report to have acted as an impartial body and have written the new report without prejudgments and have taken into account the existing facts and the truths and the actual situations on the ground.


Considering expansion of cooperation and interactions with mechanisms of the United Nations, the Islamic Republic of Iran rightly expected that the authors of the Report to seriously avoid using general wordings such as expression of “concern”, ”continuation of human rights violation”, ”curtail of freedom of expression” and “persistence of discrimination” since they suggest general, negative, unprincipled and baseless conceptions. Furthermore, statements such as “increasingly frequent application of death penalty”, and “freedom of expression and assembly remained curtailed” are simply of non-legal, non-technical and vague nature.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has constantly taken numerous steps toward promotion of human rights at the national and international levels. Our ongoing efforts to promote human rights have been based on our religious teachings and obligations and adherence to the Constitution, laws and regulations of the country and our commitments under international treaties. We are committed to promotion of human rights both in our deeds and words.


The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the reports of the United Nations Secretary General as an important mechanism, provided they are purely professional and free from politicization. We firmly believe that the present report of the United Nations Secretary General has neglected a large number of achievements and positive developments of human right in my country. Furthermore, the report clearly suffers from partiality and lack of balance, and it has adopted a selective approach towards provided information.


The Islamic Republic of Iran expected inclusion of positive human rights developments of Iran, in different fields, in the Report and declares that the Report do not enjoy the required general balance both in form and content. Mere repetition of unfounded, illogic and unrealistic allegations, lacking legal foundations, resorting to foreign, non-governmental, informal, biased and mal-intended sources against a founding member state of the United Nation, has outstandingly decreased credibility of the report.


Finally, Mr. Chairman, I would like to once again reiterate thatthe Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes constructive cooperation with the United Nations mechanisms on human rights. The Iranian officials in the meeting with the H.E. Mr. Ban Ki Moon the United Nations Secretary General during his recent visit to Tehran, expressed their readiness to constructive engagement with the Secretary – General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights. In this regard it is noteworthy to remind that my Government has already invited the High Commissioner to visit the country in near future.

Thank You  

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