23 October 2012

Statement by Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Agenda item 69d: Comprehensive implementation of and follow-up to

the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

Third Committee of the 67th  Session of the UNGA

New York, 23 October 2012


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Mr. Chairman,

In spite of elapsing nearly two decades since the adoption of VDPA during which considerable efforts have been made for its full and effective implementation, we are witnessing that many of concerns set out in this principal instrument including enhancement of international cooperation in the field of human rights and realization of right to development still remain unaddressed.

To promote these common objectives, the international community must give equal attention to economic, social and cultural rights as well as political and civil rights together with the binding nature of the right to development, specifically addressed in the VDPA.

Equally important, the VDPA paid particular attention to national and regional particularities as well as religious, historical and cultural backgrounds of Member States in dealing with human rights along with the principle of universality of human rights. In this regard, it is of high importance for the international community, to consider seriously the religious and national particularities as well as cultural diversities to decelerate the growing trends of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerances which are threatening some societies around the globe. We note with regret that the majority of these instances are occurring against one specific religion and its followers, namely Islam and Muslims. The most recent, among many bitter developments of this kind, and vastly confronted with reproaches and condemnations by vigilant consciences was the release of an offensive and injurious film insulting the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), which was produced in the United States.

As religious intolerance of this nature exemplifies itself more in some parts of the world, there is a dire need to take cognizance and more importantly collective and preventive actions against these fast growing and disgusting phenomena.

Mr. Chairman

To achieve its lofty goals and aspirations, the VDPA considered constant strengthening and supporting of the United Nations machinery for human rights through, inter alia, establishment of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Office of the High commissioner has been assigned to constantly keep on to its unbiased approach and independence while operating within the framework of the accepted principles of the Human Rights instruments and practices of human rights mechanisms, including Human Rights Council as the main UN Human Rights body. Thus, it is anticipated that the Office avoids in its reports and actions insisting on the issues that are not yet internationally recognized as the human rights norms and standards.

Mr. Chairman,

Today, one third of the world’s population lives in abject poverty. The majority of the world population is not able to enjoy equally the benefits of the globalization trends which have been already limited to a privileged few in specific parts of the world. Poverty undermines the basic human rights and makes it difficult for victims to obtain justice and remedies in case of violations. Therefore, poverty alleviation should be a central theme of the human rights machinery and the burden of the alleviation should be mainly on the shoulders of the states which use the labor force and the human resources of the other countries, if we wan our shared goal of universal respect for fundamental human rights for all, be realized one day.

Despite, important strides taken, for promotion and protection of human rights since the adoption of the VDPA, it is generally admitted that still the international community has a long way ahead to achieve the ideals of the VDPA. Having this in mind, it is time to assess the progress achieved as well as the shortcomings on the way of attainment of goals stipulated in this principal document.

Finally, Mr. Chair,

While we reaffirm universality, indivisibility, interdependence and equality of all human rights, unfortunately, in reality the existing international order continued to be led by selectivity and economic and political exploitations. This unconstructive and disintegrative trend should stop somewhere in someday, the sooner the better.



Thank you,

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