27 September 2012

Statement by H. E. Mr. Mehman Parast

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran

At the Annual Coordination Meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers

New York, 27 September 2012


Mr. Chairman,

H.E. Mr. Ehsanoghlu, The Secretary General of the OIC


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me at the outset to express my gratitude for convening this important meeting. We are meeting at a time when significant developments are unfolding in the Muslim world.

In the Middle East and the North Africa, uprisings and revolutions demonstrate a deep-rooted and pressing historical need for change in the concerned societies. The aspiration of peoples in those regions for democracy, freedom, rule of law, and independence as well as their fondness for Islamic values cannot be neglected any longer. Recognition of their legitimate demands and promotion of their basic rights in the light of our religious and cultural values and through peaceful means is a responsibility of all Member States. We must develop and encourage democracy and respect for human rights, and reject bloodshed, violence, and foreign intervention.

The recent developments, however, shall not divert our attention from older issues and crises of the Muslim world. It is now more than six decades that the Palestinian people have lived under the most severe pressures and suffer from atrocities of the Zionist regime.

The NAM Committee on Palestine at its meeting in Teheran on 28 August 2012 agreed on the establishment of a task force, compromising of the Permanent Representatives of its Member States in New York, to urgently identify concrete actions to promote of the Palestinian membership of the UN; respond to the Israeli illegal actions; promote and support Palestinian State’s institutional capacity building; promote and support Palestinian reconciliation; and effectively use media to engage in promotion of the Palestinian cause. This initiative provides a new framework to support the Palestine and shall be valued and supported by the OIC Member States.

Mr. Chairman,

The systematic and politically motivated denigration of Islam and the alarming increase in the number of acts that defame our religion, prophet (PBUH), holy book and religious symbols, continue to incite hatred, violence, and discrimination against Muslims and destabilize global peace and security by fanning the flames of religious intolerance. The International community, especially the OIC Member States, should take decisive actions to confront this dangerous trend and its negative implications.

Mr. Chairman,

The existence of thousands of nuclear warheads in the stockpiles of certain nuclear-weapon States and their continued modernization is the most serious threat to the survival of mankind. The non-nuclear-weapon States, particularly OIC State parties to the NPT have already proposed 2025 as a target date for the total elimination of nuclear weapons. This position should be vigorously pursued in the relevant international fora.

At the same time, the existence of nuclear weapons in the hands of the Zionist regime of Israel continues to pose the gravest threat to the stability and security of the NPT State parties in the Middle East and beyond. Unfortunately the establishment of such a Middle East Zone free of nuclear weapons has been taken hostage for almost 40 years by the nuclear weapon policy of the Zionist regime. The OIC State parties to the NPT should exert pressure on this regime and its supporters in all international fora in order to force Zionist regime to accede to the NPT as a non-nuclear party and without any condition.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation associates itself with those who expressed their serious concern over terrorism, and reiterate my Governments determination and readiness to work with other countries to promote international and regional cooperation to counter and eradicate all sources of terrorism. As a matter of priority in our endeavors in this regard, we should engage in global efforts to enhance the implementation of the United Nations instruments related to combating international terrorism in addition to the implementation of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Equal importance should be given to the exchange of the practices in preventing and combating terrorism among the Islamic countries, and to promote understanding between and within our different regions, cultures and civilizations through dialogue and exchange of views and experiences.

The Islamic Republic of Iran expresses it serious concerns over various politically motivated activities to curb the developmental efforts in our respective countries, and in this regard, condemns in strongest terms the remarkable increase in terrorist acts against researchers, scientists, and university professors in a number of Muslim countries, particularly in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr. Chairman,

The Islamic Republic of Iran has so far made great efforts to settle regional crises in cooperation with the international community.

We accordingly support any initiative which can contribute to the establishment of peace and stability in Syria. We firmly believe that this goal in Syria can be achieved through a genuine political dialogue between the opposition and the Government. The Islamic Republic of Iran, since the beginning of the crisis, has supported the reforms initiated by the Syrian Government. There is no doubt that channeling weapons to irresponsible groups in Syria will result in further bloodshed, prolonged instability and destruction of political, cultural and economic infrastructure of Syria, and will threaten the security of other countries in the region as well. We condemn in strongest terms the heinous acts of terrorist groups which have not even shunned taking hostages. They have abducted civilians including some Iranian engineers, technicians and pilgrims and used them as a human shield.

To resolve the Syrian crisis, the international community, in particular, the regional and international players should be strongly supportive of Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi’s mission in encouraging all the parties to engage in political dialogue with Syrian government in order to prepare the grounds for a peaceful political process.

Mr. Chairman,

The OIC Member States, like others, feel the negative impact of the global economic downturn. We all need to achieve an Organization, where financial, administrative and procedural aspects of its work are designed, disciplined, performed and assessed against its inter-governmentally agreed programmes.

Finally Mr. Chairman, I would like to assure you of my Government’s resolve to support the Organization in its noble work, in particular, in those areas which could make it a more visible and effective player in the international arena.

Thank you Mr. Chairman

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

والسلام علیکم والرحمه الله و برکاته

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