4 September 2012

Statement By:

H.E. Ambassador Eshagh Al Habib

 Charge d’Affaires, a.i. of the Islamic Republic of Iran 

to the United Nations

Before the General Assembly on Syria situation

New York, 4 September 2012


Mr. President,

At the outset on the appointment of Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi as the Joint special Representative of the U.N and the League of Arab states, for Syria, I should say that we are pleased to see him take up the new position.  Taking into account his high reputation and broad experience in addressing some issues of sensitive nature before, we are confident that he would also rigorously pursue the goal of finding a comprehensive peaceful political settlement to the Syrian crisis.


The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to work with him closely as we did so with Mr. Kofi Annan in following up sound policies to contribute to the resolution of the ongoing crisis.  We are supportive of any constructive, unbiased, impartial and peaceful Syrian-led political process and we stand ready to play our constructive role in that process.


It is only through such a process that a broader political reconciliation as well as national unity, integrity and stability of Syria will be maintained.


Mr. President,

The continuation of violence and leveling recriminatory allegations against one another not only does not provide solution to any problem, rather it would only inflame the situation more. Unless there are meaningful measures to curtail such destructive moves, there would be little chance for the success of a peaceful solution.


There is also an urgent need for all those international and regional players who have any influence, in one way or another, on this very critical issue with regional and international ramifications, to express their genuine interest and take serious actions for finding a Syrian-led political process in resolving the crisis peacefully.


Unfortunately, destructive role is played by some countries in supporting the violent armed groups in Syria in total disregard of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria as well as total disregard of the principles enshrined in the charter of the United Nations and the international law which prohibits interference in the internal affairs of sovereign States.  Some of these countries are maliciously seeking regime change in Syria through coercive measures. This is clearly illegal and is condemnable by the very principles of international law.


We believe that it is only the Syrian people who should decide on their own political fate.  We are deeply concerned about the disastrous consequences of different forms of foreign interventions in Syria.  What have exacerbated the crisis in Syria are such interventions in terms of arms and sophisticated equipment that are sent across the borders to the rebels and terrorist groups.


The international community, in particular, the regional and international players should be strongly supportive of Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi’s mission in encouraging the political parties to engage in political dialogue with Syrian government in order to prepare grounds for a peaceful political process.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is seriously supporting such process and has reiterated its readiness to host talks between Syrian Government and opposition parties.


In conclusion Mr. President, once again the representative of the Zionist regime made nonsense and baseless allegations against my country. The international community is fed up with this regime in its inhuman aggressive, criminal records and terrorist activities in the region and elsewhere which is the main source of insecurity and instability in the Middle East. This is the regime whose official arrogantly, despite all related international law, are frequently threatening to attack militarily my Country  These are the threats which happen in 21 century, not in 19 century.


This regime abuse every opportunity to take away the world’s attention from its atrocities and statement in today’s plenary should be observed in that context.


It is ridiculous the representative of a regime talking about democracy and human rights whose hands are imbued with blood of thousands of people.


Thank you Mr. President

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