9 August 2012

Remarks by

H.E. Ambassador Eshagh Al Habib

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 to the United Nations

under the agenda item

Situation in the Middle East

 before the
NAM COB Meeting

9 August 2012, New York


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Mr. Chairman,

Thank you very much for calling this meeting of NAM COB. It is with deep concern and growing frustration to witness again the obstructionist policy of the Israeli regime as manifested this time in holding a key meeting of Non-Aligned Movement ministers to take place in the West Bank on the past Sunday. The denial of entry for high officials of NAM is an inadmissible act.

Regrettably, there is no end to the illegal policies and the constant provocations and incitement by Israel against Palestine. It is noteworthy that with regard to this denial of entry a senior Israeli official said that the ban targeted five countries, which have no diplomatic relations with the Jewish state and I quote “A decision has been taken to bar the diplomatic representatives of several countries which do not recognize Israel from crossing the Israeli borders,” This is really a despicable decision. A forced recognition of the Zionist entity! Is this what they want?  There is of course nothing new in the forceful policies of Israeli regime. They have obtained whatever they wanted through forceful acts. But forceful recognition, this is something unheard of. At least the international law is clear on that. The recognition of a state should be totally on a voluntary basis, let alone an entity that own its existence to occupation of others lands.

Anyway this denial has come at a time that on the ground we are witnessing the escalation of tensions and confrontations in and around holy places in occupied Palatine in particular Al-Aqsa Mosque, where the Palestinians and Muslims all over the world are going to celebrate the last Friday of this holy month of Ramadan as a day of solidarity with Muslim people in Palatine. This mosque and other Muslim and Christian holy sites in the Occupied Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory continue to be subjected to threats, incitement and desecration by extremist settlers as well as constant provocations by Zionist officials, and this has led to escalating concerns among not only the Palestinian people but Muslim people all around.

Turning back to the cancellation of the Ministerial meeting in Ramallah, my delegation fully support whatever demarches and initiatives we are going to take to bring to this illegal denial of entry visa to the attention of the world community by issuing a communique or asking perhaps a meeting with the UN Secretary General etc.

As the host of the forthcoming NAM Summit, the Islamic Republic of Iran is fully prepared and ready to arrange the meeting of the Ministerial meeting of the NAM Committee on Palestine to be held in the sideline of the Ministerial meeting of NAM in Tehran.

The NAM Committee on Palestine has done a great job in the past NAM meetings and the decisions and the declarations that have been adopted within this committee has always conveyed strong messages of solidarity with the aspirations of the Palestinian people and a strong commitment to continue supporting the Palestinian people to bring an end to the Israeli occupation and recognition of the right of the Palestinian people to exercise self-determination and sovereignty in their independent State of Palestine. The Palestine Committee this time has an important issue on its agenda which is issuing a declaration in support of a fresh Palestinian bid for upgraded UN membership which we are all supportive of it.

Thank you very much.

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