5 April 2012


 Briefing by the Special Envoy of the United Nations on the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic

Before the
General Assembly of the United Nations

5 April 2012, New York

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. President,

We heard from the Mr. Kofi Annan the Special Envoy for Syria about the delicacy of the situation in Syria and his endeavors in bridging the gaps and bringing together different political groups in Syria and to work with the government. We welcome the announcement by the Government of Syria in cooperating closely with the Special Envoy in implementing the six-point plan, in a spirit of national reconciliation and restoration of peace and order in the areas hit by violence in recent months. This shows the good will on the part of the Government in Syria and should be appreciated by all the major players in the Syrian scene. Furthermore the reform process that is followed up by Syrian Government, within the time frame set for it, is also another indication of the good will of the Syrian Government in moving forward with reforms as aspirated by the Syrian people.

Despite all these positive steps, it seems that some quarters still continue to take positions and make provocative statements which are more in line of undermining any possibility of a political settlement and ending the violence. In the last week’s International Conference of so-called “Friends of Syria” held in Istanbul, we heard the call for regime change and words in support of the armed opposition. This is a dangerous trend and counters the goals and purposes of the efforts of the Special Envoy’s efforts in seeking peaceful solution to end the crisis in Syria. This trend, if continued, would drag the country into a civil war and would undermine the country’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity. What is needed for Syria is our joint endeavor in help to deescalate the violence and facilitate the solutions to end the crisis. Foreign interventions and funneling money and telecommunication devices and sophisticated equipment in the name of humanitarian aid would foment the violence and deepen further political and social crisis. crisis. In some areas which hit by violence, the people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The situation on the ground needs to be calmed down in order to distribute this type of assistance to the innocent people in the affected areas.


We are still very much worried about the negative consequences of a prolonged crisis in Syria on the stability in the region. Therefore, the faster the stability and public order returns to all areas in Syria, the better it would be for the region as a whole.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is supportive of any constructive, unbiased, impartial and peaceful solution to end the crisis in Syria and have played and continue to play a constructive role in that process. We are expecting a visit by Special Envoy to Iran in the coming days and we sincerely hope that his mission lead to a prompt end to violence and the start of a political process aimed at a prompt peaceful resolution.


Thank you very much Mr. President


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