20 March 2012

Remarks by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazaee

 Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 in Celebration of Nowruz Festivals at the United Nations General Assembly Hall

(New York, 20 March 2012) 

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful



Dear guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen


It is of momentous joy for me to, once again, have the utmost pleasure of congratulating all of you on the occasion of NOWRUZ, the New Year festivities in the Persian culture.

So much has been said about NOWRUZ, about its significance in the history of mankind; as a landmark tradition in an old civilization, about its place in the heart of millions of people of the Persian civilization and about its glorious beauty embodied in this marvelous tradition where the rejuvenation of nature is celebrated as a sign of life, vitality and happiness.

How beautiful and joyous it is to see families of man, women and children come around the magnificent table of “Haft Seen” to celebrate the rebirth of life on Planet Earth each year.  This is the ultimate thanks people give to their Creator for the precious life bestowed upon them.

A closer look at the concepts of the “Haft Seen” tells us how great this tradition is and why it is important to safeguard it. One finds items on the “Haft Seen” which represent life, fertility and productivity. A red apple, some green sprouts of grains and a branch of purple hyacinth flower as well as the beautiful gold fish swimming in a tank of water are such manifestation of life.

A few coins on a platter in the “Haft Seen” represent wealth and welfare, some garlic reminds us of our health, a mirror echoes transparency and clarity of life and of our good deed.

Above all, we also keep our holy book “Quran” among the items in the “Haft-seen” and start the new year by reciting a few verses, just to spread God’s blessing to our families.

These are simple but extremely meaningful rituals deeply rooted in the glorious civilization of the greater Persia, which even after centuries upon centuries, still connects and unifies nations in a way no other means can do.

May God grants you all your wishes in this new year and may God gives you all the happiness and prosperity you deserve.

In conclusion, I feel obliged to thank the Secretary General of the United Nations for his much appreciated message and also dearly thank the President of the General Assembly for his presence at this joyous occasion.

Let us all pray that God the Almighty gives us its blessing and preserve for us this magnificent, beautiful culture.  Let us pray that peace and righteousness prevails in the world.  Let us hope that all nations can leave in peace and harmony and enjoy life to the fullest as has been intended by the Almighty “Allah”.


Happy Nowruz to all,

Nowruz Mobarak

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