2 March 2012

Statement by
H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazaee
Permanent Representative of
 the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

under the agenda item 34 entitled

 “Prevention of Armed Comflict”

Before the General Assembly of the United Nations

2 March 2012, New York

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. President,

At the meeting of the General Assembly held on 13 February 2012, we expressed our views about the current situation in the Middle East as well as in Syria. I do not want to repeat those points but to bring some updates on our views and efforts in that regard:


First on the appointment of Mr. Kofi Annan as the Special Envoy for Syria I would like to say that considering his reputation in having broad experience in resolving disputes in different parts of the world during his long tenure as the Head of this Organization as well as his high personality at the international level, we hope that he will be carrying out the important task that is given to him in the best interest of the Syrian people. The Islamic Republic of Iran is supportive of any constructive, unbiased, impartial and peaceful Syrian-led political process and we stand ready to play our role in that process. We sincerely hope that his mission lead to a prompt end to violence and continuation of the political process in Syria in resolving peacefully the crisis in Syria.


It is, however, regrettable that from the very beginning of the Syrian crisis some officials in countries have taken  positions and made provocative statements which was more in line of undermining any possibility of a political settlement, calling for regime change, encouraging the opposition towards armed struggle and pushing the country towards a civil war. What is needed urgently for Syria to get out of the crisis is to put an end to foreign interventions and funneling money and arms to the opposition groups. The people at the conflict areas are in need of humanitarian assistance and the presence of armed rebels would be an impediment to assist civilians who are in dire need of humanitarian aid.


The endured crisis in Syria is indicative to the fact that coercive sanctions, pressures and attempts to interfere in Syrian internal affairs would only lead to deepening of political and social crisis. The instability in Syria will have many negative ramifications to the region as a whole. Our goal should be concentrated in devising a process that will lead to a broader political reconciliation, strengthening national unity, ensuring public order, national security, stability and prosperity of Syrian people.


We believe that the main role of the Secretary General of the United Nations, including the Special Envoy is to help and facilitate engagement of the Syrian political groups with Syrian Government for a Syrian-lead political process while taking into account the reform process announced by the Government based on aspirations of the Syrians, and ensuring respect for the country’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity. This call should be heeded by all groups.


Thank you very much Mr. President

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