22 February 2012 Iranophobia Is Totally Unwarranted

Regarding “Warning Iran Against Hitting ‘Soft’ American Targets” by Alan M. Dershowitz (Feb. 13): Iranian officials have repeatedly condemned all forms of terrorism, and as some of the highest U.S. officials mentioned recently, Iran has no intention or interest in any illegal action against anyone. In its contemporary history Iran has no record of attacking or invading any country. Despite its Iranophobia and baseless allegations and plots against Iran, the Israeli regime is responsible for a long list of invasions, terror, assassinations, war crimes and killing of innocents that are not deniable and which it never tried to deny. This reflects a hypocritical double standard and a callous disregard for international law.

Iran, as well as many other nations in the Middle East, has been a victim of systematic terrorism carried out or supported by the Israeli regime (i.e., what happened in Dubai on Jan. 19, 2010). The fact is that Israel, through its mouthpieces in the Western media, has desperately tried to deflect attention from its systematic oppression of the Palestinian people and from its denial of their legitimate rights by manufacturing a false Iranian threat. Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, legal under the provisions of Non-Proliferation Treaty and transparent in light of Iran’s extensive cooperation with the IAEA, which has repeatedly confirmed the absence of any evidence of military diversion of declared nuclear material.

Finally, regarding the author’s false allegations about Iran’s role in a bombing in Argentina in 1992, suffice it to say that the real target was Argentina’s bilateral relations with Iran. Given Israel’s notoriety in using so-called “false flag operations,” the real value of Mr. Dershowitz’s article is that it should send a warning to the people and American policy makers to beware of not falling into yet another Israeli trap.


Press office

Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the U.N.

New York

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