24 December 2011

Explanation of vote

by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

in the Fifth Committee on the SPMs – Special Advisers, sanctions

monitoring teams, groups and panels

(New York – 24 December 2011)


Mr. President,

This explanation of vote pertains to Section nine of the draft resolution.

My delegation wishes to reiterate its commitment to adhere to the internationally recognized laws, rules and regulations aiming at the prevention of genocide, nevertheless it should be clearly reminded that the concept of responsibility to protect has not been approved by the General Assembly.  The change in the logical framework to create artificial mandates and posts to entertain an unapproved concept is counterproductive, a violation of current rules and regulations and a breach to the good faith expected from an International Organization of the UN caliber.


The Iranian delegation would, therefore, like to express its disagreement with any attempt to misuse budgetary process to falsely establish functions that are not mandated by the General Assembly, namely using logical framework for the functions of the Special Adviser to the Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide for the so-called Special Adviser for the Responsibility to Protect, a function that has not yet seen the light of approval by the General Assembly.


Mr. President,


On the issue of the sanctions monitoring teams, groups and panels, my delegation firmly believes that the Security Council’s sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran are unlawful and target the civilian population of the country. These sanctions are based on unfounded and baseless allegations and are levied against a nation on sheer political motivations by certain countries.


The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects such sanctions and views them as measures aiming at depriving the Iranian nation of their inalienable right of access to nuclear energy for peaceful purpose. It is against this background, Mr. President, that my delegation has asked for the floor to state that the Islamic Republic of Iran rejects these sanctions and any related attempt to fund their apparatus of support including the so-called Panel of Experts and considers them equally unlawful.


I thank you

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