24 October 2011

Statement by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazaee

Permanent Representative of  the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

before the Security Council under the agenda item entitled

“The Situation in the Middle East, including the question of Palestine”

(24 October 2011, New York)

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Madame President,  

Allow me at the beginning to express my gratitude for convening this important meeting, at a time of significant developments in the Middle East and Muslim world.

Popular uprisings in the Middle East and the North Africa, demonstrate a pressing need for change. The aspiration of peoples for democracy, rule of law, independence as well as their affection for Islamic values cannot simply be overruled. We believe that addressing the legitimate demands of the people through a peaceful political process and away from foreign interventions is the only way out of crisis and avoiding violence.

Madam President,

The Palestinian bid to become a full member of the United Nations will soon come for decision. For the past six decades the Palestinian people have lived under the most severe pressures and atrocities by the Israeli regime. All negotiations with the occupying regime so far have proved to be futile, while the continued inaction of the Security Council has made this regime more audacious in pursuing its inhuman policies. In the past decades, at least, forty-six times veto power was used to castoff the resolutions condemning Israel. The question is how to consolidate our efforts in order to secure the inalienable and inherent rights of the Palestinians, including their right of return, and establishment of an independent and viable state in all the Palestinian territories are ensured and the membership of Palestine, as a full-fledged state, would be realized.

Madame President,

Last week’s release of a noteworthy number of Palestinian prisoners brought about a wave of joy in the occupied territories and freedom loving people of the world. Yet, there are disturbing reports on the worsening situation of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees being illegally imprisoned and detained by Israeli regime, in violation of international law, including international humanitarian law. Hence, we should not forget that the conditions of the more than 6,000 Palestinian civilians, including at least 280 children and 38 women, as well as 22 elected officials, who continue to be imprisoned or arbitrarily detained by Israeli regime. We hope the efforts to get the release of these prisoners would continue.

In addition to the concerns on the deteriorating situation of Palestinian prisoners, we are disturbed by the reports in recent weeks confirming the escalation of the acts of violence and terrorism against Palestinian civilians and their properties in the Occupied Palestinian Territory perpetrated by illegal Israeli settlers, many of whom are armed. The burning of the Qusra mosque and the desecration of mosques in the Palestinian villages; the uprooting of trees and burning agricultural land and the constant harassment and humiliation of Palestinians, including children, on a daily basis are but a few example of such a brutality by settlers. Such illegal actions by Israeli settlers occur in full view of the occupying forces, who to take no action to hold these settlers accountable for their crimes and continue to provide them with impunity and protection while they are carrying out such crimes.

The above constitute further confirmation of the dire situation that prevails in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, which requires the international community’s urgent attention. Israeli regime must be held responsible for its illegal and provocative acts. The international community cannot continue to stand idly by as Israeli regime continues to colonize the Palestinian territory, allowing its illegal settlers to rampage unbridled and to incrementally continue its violations of international law and keeping its record of war crimes, acts of State terrorism and systematic human rights violations.

Madame President,

With regard to the situation in Syria my delegation suffices itself to emphasis that taking into account the multi-ethnicity of Syirian society and exceptional geopolitical situation of Syria, any foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of Syria and fomenting divisions and sectarian differences among the people would jeopardize the peace and stability in the region. The people in Syria realize that the key to their independence and dignity is to keep their ranks united and remain steadfast in their resistance and struggle against Israeli occupation and aggressions.

Madame President,

The Israeli regime has continued its violations of the land, sea and air space of Lebanon and refuses to withdraw from Lebanese occupied villages. These occupations and acts of aggression should stop immediately.

Madame President,

Before concluding, I would like to react to the allegations against my country in the statement delivered this morning by the Representative of the Israeli regime. It is no wonder that by leveling baseless allegations on terrorism and Iran’s nuclear program, the Zionist regime has preposterously attempted, once again, to misuse the main debate at this Chamber and to deflect the attentions from its long and dark catalogue of crimes and atrocities such as occupation, aggression, militarism, state-terrorism, and crimes against humanity as reflected in the Goldstone report and the report on Marmareh incident.

On the ridiculous accusation of the so-called plot of assassination of the Saudi Ambassador in Washington for us it is very clear that this story has been ineptly fabricated to implicate Iran. This is a pre-planned scenario supported by Israeli regime who in on the assumption that at the end is the main beneficiary thereof. Iranian Nation with more than six thousand years of history and civilization has never and will not engage in such despicable attempt. Such operation if true in nature could only be planned and carried out by such a regime whose short history is full of assassinations of its opponent even the high ranking officials of other states. So I even do not tax the patience of the members of this Council to delve into it and respond to such baseless allegations made by the representative of such a criminal regime, i.e. Israel.

On the nuclear issue I should say that the Israeli regime’s clandestine development and unlawful possession of hundreds of nuclear warheads and nuclear weapons arsenal is the only and unique threat to regional as well as international peace and security. The Israeli regime has clearly defied the demand of the overwhelming majority of the UN member States that have, time and again, called on this regime to renounce nuclear weapons and accede to the NPT. Regrettably, the inaction of the relevant United Nations organs in dealing with such Israeli policies and practices has emboldened this dangerous regime. Indeed, peace and stability cannot be achieved in the Middle East where the massive Israeli nuclear arsenals continue to threaten the region and beyond.

Thank you Madame President.

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