20 October 2011

Statement by Mr. Rashid Bayat Mokhtari

 Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Fifth Committee

on the Financial Situation of the United Nations

(New York, 20 October 2011)



Mr. Chairman,

Allow me to begin with thanking Madame Kane, Under Secretary General for Management for the introduction of the Secretary General’s report on the financial situation of the United Nations.

My delegation wishes to align itself with the Statement read by the distinguished delegate of Argentina on behalf of the Group 77 and China.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation has asked for the floor to share with member states some facts about the status of the payment of contributions of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the different budgets of the United Nations.

During the past year and after the unprecedented and unlawful act by a local bank in shutting down the bank accounts of a large group of the Member States of the United Nations and the consequent difficulties in opening bank account in other local banks for some members states, an act which was in contrast with the legally binding commitments of the host country, my  Permanent Mission has had to go through many ordeals to financially sustain its activities and to run its day-to-day business including honoring its dues and commitments to the U.N. budgets.

We explored all possible avenues to find a way out of a situation to the creation of which we had no role to play. In July this year, we were finally able to find an alternative solution to our closed bank account problem.

Yet, as of this moment and due to complications arising from a complete transformation from dealing with locally established bank to another financial entity,  we have not been able to transfer to the United States,  any amounts including those related to the contributions to the budgets of the United Nations from  the current location of the respective amounts in Europe.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always maintained a good record in honoring its financial dues to the budgets of all international organizations. The situation we found ourselves today is an imposed one which has barred a UN member from functioning regularly and from paying its contributions to the organization.

We are working on resolving the remaining obstacles for the transfer of the financial means needed for the operation of the Permanent mission and for the payment of the required contributions of my country to the United Nations’ budgets.


I thank you Mr. Chairman

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