13 October 2011

Statement by Mr. Mohammad Hassani-Nejad

Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

on Innovative Resources for Development

(New York, 13 October 2011)


Mr. Chairman,

My delegation associates itself with the statement made by Argentina on behalf of G77 and China.

We recognize the importance of exploring new and innovative resources for development at both national and international levels. They can be used as supplementary in financing development needs and on top of them fighting poverty, diseases and hunger. Though, much more can still be done, we take note of the progress achieved in this regard so far.

It should be further highlighted that such resources should remain complementary to and not as replacement of the traditional resources in financing development. Besides, raising such voluntary resources should not put additional burden on other developing countries.

Having a clear definition and common methodology on innovative resources seems very much desirable at this stage. Meanwhile, the scope for exploring new areas for innovative resources should not be limited to a few ones. While one or two areas are under spotlight, others such as world arms trade remains mostly unnoticed.

Based on the principle of polluters pay, those activities which have direct adverse impact on world peace, development and stability need to become subject to international taxation. As a matter of fact, despite the world economic and financial crisis the worldwide arms race shows significant acceleration. Actually, the average volume of arms sales increased by 22% over the past five years, compared to the previous five-year period. The business of war is making huge profits while causing agony, destruction and suffering for the world and its people. Perhaps it is the time for the business of war to undertake its responsibility for peace and development.

Apparently it is not a new idea and a number of proposals for a tax on arms trade with all its positive multiplier effects, or financing development with savings coming from disarmament (GA resolution 65/52)  have been made during the last two decades. Since, the international discussion on innovative resources for financing development has never been as serious as it is today, the earlier proposals need to be revisited and all possible ways to implement them has to be explored. Hence, considerable resources can be mobilized through imposing a peace and development tax on arms trade.

Thank you Mr. chairman.

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