6 September 2011

Statement by Mr. Mohammad Hassani Nejad, Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

at the Second Executive Board Session of UNDP

on the new country program of the I.R. Iran  

(6 September 2011)


Mm President,


Since it is the first time I am taking the floor in this Board meeting, I would like to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims of the recent horrible attack against the UN headquarters in Nigeria.


Mm President,


It is also a dreadful fact that more than 12 million people across Somalia and the Horn of Africa are suffering a fatal drought and hunger. This number is not justifiable by any measure and the global community has a clear responsibility to demonstrate in practice its solidarity and support with a view of urgently overcoming the famine in the horn of Africa.


Mm President,


I would like to thank Ms. Rebeca Grynspan and Mr. Ajay Chibar for presenting the new country programs for the Asia region and in particular the new country program of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The universal, neutral, multilateral and grant character of operational activities of the United Nations system have always been very close to our heart and we have viewed them as the actual manifestation of the UN’s mission and mandate in the field of development. UNDP’s global coverage and its presence at the field level have given it an outstanding advantage. Developing countries at different levels of development can benefit from their cooperation with UNDP in the ways tailored to their own needs and priorities. There are few bodies, if any, with such versatility.


For my country, UNDP’s comparative advantage lies in its role as being a distinctive global knowledge source. Sharing knowledge to build and improve capacity in such areas as poverty eradication, environment protection, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, confronting natural disasters and expansion of regional and south-south cooperation are areas we expect to benefit from working with UNDP.

It is encouraging to understand that many of these priorities have become integrated in the new UNDAF and the new country program with UNDP.


Meanwhile, in our view national ownership and leadership of the program country is of utmost importance. We are pleased that in the process of preparing the new country program close consultations and mutual understanding prevailed among the national authorities and the UNDP office in Tehran. The established national steering committee provided the required platform for finalizing the new program through meaningful and inclusive consultations among several line ministries and the UNDP office. I am obliged to thank Mm. Consuelo Vidal, the UNDP Resident Coordinator in the Islamic Republic of Iran for her constructive role and for her understanding and leadership. In conclusion, I expect that the Board supports the new program as presented by the secretariat.


Thank you very much Mm President.

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