Response to the Article of Wall Street Journal (29 March 2011)

Dear Editor:
In response to the Iran-phobic article, “What if Gadaffi had gone nuclear?” (March 29th):

Contrary to the false assertions of the article, Iran’s nuclear program is completely peaceful and various reports of the IAEA confirm that after extensive inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities, there is no evidence of any military diversion.  I repeat that the elevating charges are non-sense and the purpose of fake propaganda against Iran reflected in this article is to deflect attention from the real threats of nuclear proliferation posed by an expansionist government that continues to oppress thePalestinian people and expropriate their land in clear violation of international law. Something that is it strange is publishing a letter whose author is representing biggest governmental terrorist and apartheid regime that continue to systematic violation of Palestinian rights. He represents that has clandestinely stockpiled nuclear weapons that menace the people of the Middle East. Compared to Iran, that is a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in good standing and is an enthusiastic supporter of the UN’s initiative of a Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone, this government has rejected the call by the international community to join the NPT and to allow IAEA inspection of its hidden facilities


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Mission of the I.R.Iran to the UN

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