26 May 2011

Statement by H.E. Mr. Eshagh Alhabib

Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative

of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nation

at the ECOSOC Session on the Commission of Population and Development -CPD

(26 May 2011 – New York)

Mr. President, Excellencies

Dear colleagues

The high priest , the United States, who constantly preaches tolerance and lectures others on respecting democratic practices has asked for a vote on a clean slate presented by a regional group. It would be interesting to remind that two years ago exactly the same country who puts to vote an endorsed candidate of the Asian group today had argued, on a case which happens to be related to the CPD, that no country should challenge decision of a regional group to present its candidature for any position.

Disrespecting regional groups’ decisions is becoming a regular practice by the very same country, the United States, and creates serious harmful consequences on the unity and identity of the regional groups. Manipulating and putting pressure on smaller or weaker members to spoil decisions taken in their respective regional groupings has to be stopped.

Enjoying a diverse composition, representing different backgrounds, has been the time-honored characteristic of the UN bodies and the beauty of their work. It has helped ensuring a sense of global ownership and prevented creation of exclusive clubs of like-minded bodies.

In this particular case the I.R. Iran was endorsed in due course by the Asian group for the only vacant seat for the period starting 2012. Nevertheless, due to miscommunication between the then chair of the Group and the ECOSOC secretariat, the endorsement was not reflected in time to the agenda of the last ECOSOC session and action was postponed for today. This simple procedural complication was taken as an opportunity by the United States’ delegation engaging into petty politics and a purely unconstructive game.

CPD as a functional commission of ECOSOC works on the basis of consensus and in recent years has not resorted to vote. Iran during its membership has always been an active and constructive player and will continue to do so regardless of being a member or an observer therein.

In this case where a clean slate exists, asking for a vote should only be construed as a clear disrespect to the decision and will of a regional group. Therefore, we would like to ask all members of the ECOSOC to adhere to the established practice regarding nominations made by regional groups and to respect the wish of the Asian group in this case.

Thank you very much

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