23 February 2011

Statement by H.E. Mrs. Fatimah Alia

 Member of Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran

during the IPU Meeting on the Occasion of the 55th Session

of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

(New York, 23 February, 2011)


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am honored to deliver a short presentation on parliamentarians’ role in promotion of women’s access and partnership to scientific and technological education.

When it comes to women education in the Islamic Republic of Iran, there have been great progress, achievements and investments in this regard which reveal strong national and Islamic belief in women’s growth according to our holy prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H); seeking for science is mandatory for every man and woman; that’s why Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarded itself duty-bound to render all educational possibilities to women free of change and irrespective of generate all levels. Parliament’s legislations have all been in this line to ensure ladies presence in scientific and technological arena through passing appropriate bills and motions. At the time being, %80.34 of Iranian women above 6 years old are literate. This figure has raised %126 in comparison with pre-revolution era.

Nation-wide students number has raised %144 according to last year’s statistics, illiteracy is eradicated in Iran. Total number of female participants in last year General university entrance exam is 76453688 which constitutes %62/27 of all participants. This number has increased 5.5 fold in comparison with 25 years ago.

Total number of female students admitted to higher education centers is reported 324173 which in comparison with 30 years ago has increased by 12 fold.

During Kharazmi Festival more than 21 women have managed to be awarded for their initiatives inventions and innovations.

When it comes to robotic matches, 11 winners were women.

Providing women with their needed scientific and technical facilities after victory of Islamic Revolution sparked their participation in all branches of science including discovery of stem cells I peaceful nuclear activities in ICT and other technologies.

According to 20 Year Vision Plan, Iran is expected to rank first among middle east powers in this line great investments have been made aimed to promote women’s participation in science and technology.

At the time being, science and technology deputy of our president is herself one of female elites.

Thank you for your attention

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