22 February 2011

Statement by Mr. Rashid Bayat Mokhtari

Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran

during the consultation on the budgeting of the Human Rights Council

(22 February 2011- New York )

 Mr. Chairman,

Allow me to thank the Co-facilitators of this meeting for providing this opportunity to discuss the issue of concern and also thank the Officials both from the Fifth Committee and the OHCHR for their valuable presence.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation supports endeavors to deep activities of the UN well-budgeted and financially sound; yet listening to different views expressed during the past two sessions on this issue; my delegation still believes that it is unrealistic to contemplate a solution to the concerned problem before the exhaustion of negotiations on the review process in both Geneva and New York, only at the end of which we will have had the required clear picture on which we can build our financial review.

Prior to taking any decision to deal with this potential problem, one ought to examine the outcomes of possible changes in both substance and the status of the Council.

Additionally, the comprehensive report which has already been requested from the Secretary General on the doubling of the Budget would be a major factor on adopting such decision.

My delegation therefore, is of the idea that the best possible way to deal with this issue is to let the current financial mechanism of the United Nations, namely the Fifth Committee, examine the situation following the finalization of the review process together with the feed back of the much anticipated Secretary General’s report and the ACABQ’s examination of the situation with an aim to reconsider, if needed, the financial arrangement for the council.

Any other attempt beyond what is outlined above would be prejudging the outcomes of the review process, is premature and might create unwanted precedence elsewhere.

I thank you

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